How to Update Your Accounting Programs

As part of our Online Banking system update, you will need to modify your accounting program settings. Please review these instructions to ensure the smooth transition of your data.
Thank you for making these important changes!


There are two options to get your SESLOC account transactions into your Quicken software:
Express Web Connect (One Step Update), importing transactions directly from your Quicken software, and Web Connect, downloading a QFX file from online banking.


This guide addresses common issues that may result after updating your programs.
Post Conversion Troubleshooting Guide »

Express Web Connect (One Step Update)

Quicken for Windows (2013-2018)  |  Quicken for Mac (2015-2018)

Web Connect (Manual QFX File Download)

Quicken for Windows (2013-2018)  |  Quicken for Mac (2015-2018) 
Quicken for Mac (2007) 


QuickBooks for Windows  QuickBooks for Mac  |  QuickBooks Online


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