Regulation D

Federal Regulation D places a monthly limit on the number of transactions you can perform on your Share Savings Account without your presence being required. Transaction limits are as follows:

Unlimited Transactions

Limited Transactions
6 per Calendar Month

Withdrawal or transfer:

  • In person request
  • By ATM
  • By mail
  • eBranch transfer to your SESLOC loan

Withdrawals by check to yourself:

  • In person request
  • Telephone request
  • Phone Teller request
  • eBranch request
  • Fax request


  • By preauthorized transfer to a third party
  • By preauthorized payment to a third party (ACH)
  • By preauthorized transfer to member's non-loan account
  • By overdraft transfer to checking account
  • eBranch transfers to (except to your SESLOC loan account)
  • By Phone Teller
  • By telephone call to SESLOC
  • By fax
  • By email


  • By check to a third party

Helpful Tip: Your Checking Account allows unlimited transactions. Use your checking account for any automatic deductions to reduce the risk of a rejected payment or rejected overdraft transfer due to Regulation D transaction limits.