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Bill Pay: How to Change the Date Range View

May 9, 2023
by Team SESLOC

We transitioned to a new Bill Pay system on February 22, 2023 because the system allows us to more frequently modify, enhance or improve the experience, ensuring we are offering the most state-of-the art and the most secure services. Our former Bill Pay system did not allow these types of enhancements, and therefore was not a viable, long-term solution. We understand the transition has been challenging for many, and we are working on enhancements to improve the functionality and experience for you. In the meantime, the tips below may help you navigate the new system:

If you have a payment that is scheduled but not visible in the Bills & Payments tab, you can change the date range view in the Bills & Payments tab. The default view includes payments scheduled within the next 45 days, but you can click the date to enter a custom date range, up to 90 days ahead. Please note that if you just scheduled a payment, you may need to refresh your browser or session in order to see the item.

Bill Pay Date Range 1

Bill Pay Date Range 2

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