Managing Contacts in Business Bill Pay

Making Payments in Business Bill Pay

July 3, 2020
by Team SESLOC

Once you’ve added your contacts, you can start scheduling one-time and recurring payments in Business Bill Pay. Bill Pay sends payments electronically whenever possible, otherwise a check will be printed and mailed.

Making a Payment

  1. Select a contact in the Payment Center dashboard.
  2. Enter an Amount manually, or select Add Invoice to notate an invoice number, amount, any discounts, and a description. Multiple invoices will be automatically calculated and inputted into the Amount field on the dashboard when you hit Save. Select Edit Invoice to change or delete an entry.
  3. Enter the Pay Date. Please note that dates on the calendar marked in blue are available for processing.
  4. Repeat steps to set up payments for any additional contacts.
  5. Select Make Payments and review.
  6. Submit, or make any necessary changes.
  7. Your payment confirmation screen will list payment details and provide a confirmation number.
  8. View payments in the Bill History tab, or download a file for your records.

Change or Cancel a Payment

You can edit or cancel payments that have not processed.

  1. Select the Bill History tab.
  2. In the Action column, pending payments will display the option to Change or Delete.
  3. Make your selection, and confirm.

Scheduling a Recurring Payment

  1. Select the Manage my Bills tab.
  2. Select a contact from the drop-down.
  3. Select Add an automatic payment.
  4. Select your Pay from account form the drop-down.
  5. Enter the Payment Amount.
  6. If the final payment will be different, such as on a loan, make your selection and enter the final payment amount.
  7. Enter the date for the first payment.
  8. Select the Payment frequency from the drop-down.
  9. Add scheduling parameters — the payment can recur indefinitely until you manually make a change, for a certain number of payments, or to recur until a specified date.
  10. Opt in to any email notifications.
  11. Save changes to confirm.

Cancelling or Managing a Recurring Payment

  1. Select the Manage my Bills tab.
  2. Select a contact from the drop-down.
  3. Make your selection from the list of options. Multiple recurring payments will be numbered in the order they were added to the system.
    • Update automatic payment — make any changes.
    • Delete automatic payment — cancel payment schedule.
    • View automatic payment — view payment schedule details.







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