Managing Contacts in Bill Pay

Managing Contacts in Bill Pay

January 21, 2019
by Team SESLOC

Once you’ve enrolled in Bill Pay, you will need to add your contacts before you can send a payment. Your contacts can include any merchant, biller, or individual.

Adding Contacts

In the Payment Center, which is the main hub of Bill Pay, click on Add a Company or Person.

Adding a Company

The Company tab includes a list of common service categories like utilities and insurance. Click on the service to expand a list of common service providers. If your billing company is represented, you just have to select it from the list and enter your Account Number to add them to your contacts.

If you are manually entering a company not listed, you will need to provide the Company’s name, address, telephone number, and your account number.

Double check that your account number is correct — inaccurate information can delay or prevent your payment, and late fees, finance charges, or service disconnections may result.

Adding an Individual

You can also add individuals in case you need to pay a friend, family member, or a service provider like a babysitter. To add an individual, click the Person tab and enter their name, address, and phone number.

Editing or Deleting a Contact

You can edit or delete a contact’s details once they are added to the Payment Center. Under the contact’s name, click Details. Update their information and save changes, or delete to remove them.


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