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BALANCE offers confidential financial counseling and education for free to all SESLOC members.

Whether you want to develop a budget, get out of debt,examine your credit report, buy a home, or create a retirement plan, BALANCE can help. Below are some of the valuable tools available to SESLOC members when they visit the BALANCE website »

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A financial advisor can answer your questions, from the simple to the complex. There's no cost to you to receive advice on topics such as:

  • Creating a budget that fits your lifestyle
  • How to save more and reduce debt
  • How to manage a job loss or salary reduction
  • How to improve a credit score
  • How to manage a major life change

Resources on a variety of topics

BALANCE offers financial resources in different content formats to fit your learning style, and updates are made regularly, so be sure to bookmark the page and keep BALANCE as a go-to site that can further your financial education. Resources include articles, videos, podcasts, booklets, newsletters and calculators.

Search for specific topics, or explore "Life Stages," such as Getting Married, Buying a Home, Unemployment, Managing Debt, Student Loans, Retirement and more.

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Build a spending plan that you can update, revise and review as often as you wish.

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The BALANCE team can help you achieve your financial goals.
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