Be a FoolProof Consumer

SESLOC has partnered with the FoolProof initiative to provide a resource that gives you honest and practical financial information. FoolProof offers a variety of content on financial topics. The website includes videos, news articles, buying guides, a curriculum of education “modules” and more. One of the best things about FoolProof is that content is updated frequently, so be sure to bookmark the site and visit often.

FoolProof helps consumers develop the consistent level of skepticism and caution they need in order to become wise spenders and cautious consumers. FoolProof is independent and commercial free. You'll find it to be unbiased, educational and entertaining.

  FoolProof is especially useful for those who are just learning how to manage their money wisely. If you know a teenager or young adult that could benefit from honest financial advice, be sure to share this link: FoolProof Solo