EMV chip card reader

The Next Level in Card Security

SESLOC Visa® credit and Visa® debit cards with EMV chip technology do everything magnetic stripe cards do, but provide additional protection from fraud, because the chip encrypts your data and safeguards the information during the transactions. This new technology makes using your SESLOC Visa more secure, and using the card is easy.

How to use your EMV chip card:

EMV instructions graphic

Please do not hold a cell phone or a car key with a keyless entry system near the ATM when inserting your card. These devices may interfere with the ATM's ability to function properly.

Activating your new card

  • For Visa® credit cards: Call 866-762-0558 from your home phone to activate.
  • For Visa® debit cards: Call 866-762-0558 from your home phone to activate or make a PIN-based transaction.
  • Be sure to sign your card immediately and never keep your PIN with your card.

  Questions? Please see our EMV chip card FAQ.

If you don't see an answer there, you may call us at 805.543.1816.