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Online Banking Upgrade

Status Update

We are experiencing a high volume of calls, but are committed to supporting every member who is having trouble with our new online banking platform. Thank you for your patience as we are working on several known issues that are affecting multiple members. We will post updates here as they arise.

  • Transfers for a only select few members are not working, but we are working to solve this issue.

  • check exampleIf you have an Apple device and wish to use Touch ID, you may need to restart or reinstall the app. We are working to solve the crash error.

  • When entering your member number for online banking enrollment, please avoid using the “leading zeros” which are before or after the member number.

  • For Mint, Quicken, and Quickbook users:  We have resolved the issues. Please scroll down for complete instructions.

  • For Android users, the Bill Pay site and eStatements are currently down. In the interim, you can access these features using your web browser app and the login at

Questions & Answers

Before you enroll:

1) You must be able to receive a secure access code by text, email or phone call. Please be sure we have your current information in our system.  2) Your web browser version must be up to date. Older browsers with known security gaps may be blocked.

Q: How do I enroll in the new system?

enrollment boxA:  A simple process establishes your new online credentials.

  1. Go to the enrollment page to register, or if you are on the SESLOC home page, click “Register Now” via the login box.
  2. In the enrollment box, you'll enter your account number, your date of birth and Social Security number/Business Tax ID. Create a new username that will be used for future logins. Your new username:

    • Must be comprised of 5 to 50 letters and numbers
    • Can contain special characters, although not required.
    • Must not include your account number.
  3. Select a method to receive a secure access code by phone call, text, or email. 
  4. Enter the secure access code in the box provided.
  5. Next, create an 8 to 50 character password, using at least one number, one upper and lower case letter, and one special character, such as * $( #.
  6. If you are logging  in from a personal computer that you plan to use for future logins, you can click "Register this computer." The next time you log in from this equipment, a security code is not required.
Your account number appears at the top of your monthly or quarterly statements.

Q: Do joint owners need to re-enroll?

A: Yes. Both you and any joint owners on the account will enroll separately, each using your own Social Security Number and birth date to create individual online banking credentials. Joint owners will no longer need to remember the primary owner’s login information.   

Q: What advantages does dual enrollment provide?

A: All authorized users on an account will have their own login credentials and passwords instead of using the primary account holder’s information. Establishing your own profile allows you to view all your accounts with one login, regardless of account number. It also allows each person to manage their own Bill Pay payees, each account owner to "nickname" accounts to suit themselves (regardless of what the joint owner named them) and to drag and drop the account blocks into an order that suits you best. 

Q: What are the advantages of each person having a username?

A:  All the accounts associated with your Social Security number will appear with a single login. For example, if you’re a joint owner on your child’s separate account, you’ll see those account details. In addition, each person can reset a username or password individually, without affecting joint owners. Business accounts with an TIN require a separate login.

Q: Will joint owners see any differences?

A:  Yes. After the launch, scheduled transfers, remote accounts, and Bill Pay will be linked to the primary user's profile. If joint owners need access, they must log on and re-establish these within their own online banking profiles. All transactions will be viewable in the account history for all account owners after they occur. If you're the joint owner and you pay the bills, you will need to set up the payees in Bill Pay so they're linked to your profile.

Q: Why can’t I use my account number as my username in the new system?

A:  Choosing your personal username gives you added protection if someone learns your account number. In addition, you can change your username at your discretion, which gives you added protection. When combined with a strong password, you are doubly protected.

Q: Must I update my automatic withdrawals or Institution-to-Institution transfers?

A:  No. These transactions will continue to perform as usual. However, it's always prudent to verify they are working as you expect.

You will be prompted to update your current SESLOC Mobile App the first time you access the new system.

Q: Can I still download my account information in Quicken and

A:  As of 5/3/18, connectivity has been restored between Intuit and SESLOC’s online banking. For Quicken and Quickbooks Desktop users, please follow these instructions to get Express Web Connect (One Time Sync) connected again:

  1. Please make a backup of your Quicken or Quickbooks ledger.
  2. Follow the instructions to deactivate and reactivate your accounts (even if you have already prior to 5/3/18)
  3. Attempt to sync your accounts using the Express Web Connect

Unfortunately there may be duplicate transactions during the first download. If so, please delete the duplicates. Future downloads should only include the latest transactions.

If you still need assistance, please email and we will assist you directly.

For Mint and Quickbooks Online users, please attempt to sync your transactions. If you are unable to update your accounts, please send us your Intuit username to We will make a ticket on your behalf with Intuit and have them inspect your account.

Q: Can someone fraudulently log into my account if they know my personal information?

A: A secure access code sent directly to your phone or email helps protect your account. The first time you log in, and any time you log in from a new device or with a new browser, you'll be asked to confirm your identity by entering a secure access code that we send you. It is essential that we have your correct phone numbers and email address on file so you can receive the code.

Q: What if I receive a secure access code that I didn’t request?

A:  This might occur if you and a joint owner share a phone number or email address. Log in to your account to confirm no unauthorized activity has occurred, or call us at (805) 543-1816 for assistance. If you suspect someone is trying to fraudulently access your account, you may want to update your username and password.

Q: Will my accounts look different in the new online banking?

A:  Yes. Each account will appear in a block that shows a quick view of the account. You may click the 3-dot "ice cream cone" icon for quick actions, such as transfers. Or double click the block to see the account history. A drag and drop feature allows you to adjust the order in which your accounts appear on screen. For example, if you view your checking account most frequently, hold down your left mouse button and drag the checkintg account block to the top of your screen. 

Q:  What other ways can I customize my online view?

A:  You can group selected accounts under a new heading, such as "My Loan Accounts."  Left click and drag the account block to the "in box" icon that will appear on the lower right side of your screen. Give the grouping a name.  Now you can draw other accounts into the new grouping as desired.

Q: Will my transaction categories and charts carry over to the new system?

A:  No. You will need to re-categorize your items. The good news is that the new system offers expanded capabilities, such as the ability to consolidate information from your outside accounts within Money Manager so you can view your entire financial picture in one place.

Q: Will account alerts still be available?

A:  Yes. Plus, they will arrive in near real time instead of the previous once-a-day notices. If you wish to set time parameters for alerts, uncheck the "Send Immediately" box and select the time you prefer to receive the alert. You may set each alert separately.

Q: Will my Bill Pay change?

A:  No.  Your payees and history will still be available. However, Bill Pay will be associated with the primary owner's account. Joint owners will need to set up payees in their own Bill Pay profile.

Other features to look for:

A "Visible/Invisible" feature allows you to hide accounts. Under Settings > Account Preferences, click the account and look for the "Visible" button.

The Filter and Search features allow you to find specific transactions, checks, or types of transactions when you're on the Account Details page.

The Online Activity Center allows you to view and sort single transactions, recurring transactions, and mobile deposits.  Note: Only online transactions appear (not in-branch transactions.

The Secure Message Center allows you to communicate with us over secure, encrypted email. (Personal email is not secure).

To protect you from fraud, a secure access code is sent to you by phone call, text, or email anytime a login is attempted from an unregistered computer or browser. You may register your personal computer and browser to skip this step in subsequent logins.