Online Banking Upgrade: Q & A

Q: What must I do to prepare for new online banking?

A: There are two important steps you can take to ensure a smooth transition.

1) Verify that we have your current phone numbers and email address. You must be able to receive a secure access code by text, email or phone call in order to complete your first login to the new online banking. It’s easy when you select the User Options menu and click “Change Address” to view or change your address, phone or email.  Important: Joint owners (who are not primary on another account) must contact SESLOC directly to confirm your phone and email. Changes made in online banking only apply to the primary owner. 

2) Review your web browser version and update it if you’re not using a newer version. Older browsers that have known security gaps will not be able to access online banking. Visit your browser website for details on the latest versions and downloads. Note: Some browsers have settings for “automatic updates,” which makes it easy to stay current.

Q: What are the web browser requirements for the new system?

A: PC Compatible Browsers include: Google Chrome 37 and later; Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.x; Microsoft Edge; Mozilla Firefox 33 and later. (Safari is no longer supported on a PC/Windows operating system). Mac Compatible Browsers include: Google Chrome 37 and later Safari 6-8 is acceptable Safari 9 is best Mozilla Firefox 33 and later

Q: How do I enroll in the new system?

A: When we go live on April 24, a simple enrollment process will establish your online banking credentials in the new system.

  1. Begin by entering your password and account number in the login box as usual.
  2. You’ll be presented with an enrollment box, where you will enter personal identifying information and choose a new Login ID comprised of 5 to 50 letters and numbers. Special characters are allowed but not required. You Login ID may not include your account number.
  3. Once your information is validated, you’ll be prompted to select a new password.
  4. Next, you will select a method to receive a secure access code: by phone call, text, or email to a phone number or email we have on file. Joint owners should contact SESLOC to confirm we have your phone and email on file.
  5. Enter the secure access code in the box provided, and you’re finished. The next time you log in, all you'll need is your Login ID and Password.


Your “Member Number” is the same as your account number.
Your member number appears at the top of your monthly or quarterly statements

Q: Do joint owners need to re-enroll?

A: Yes. Both you and any joint owners on the account will enroll separately, each using your own Social Security Number and birth date, to create individual online banking credentials. Joint owners will no longer need to remember the primary owner’s login information.  Important: We must have the joint owner's phone and email in our system in order to complete his or her enrollment. Please contact us in advance to verify your informtion. 

Q: Why is re-enrollment required?

A: Authorized users on an account will now enjoy the convenience of using their own login credentials and passwords instead of the primary account holder’s information. You’ll establish your individual Login ID and password the first time you log on through the enrollment form.

Q: What are the advantages of having my own Login ID?

A: When you sign on with your new Login ID, you will see all the accounts associated with your Social Security number. For example, if you’re a joint owner on your child’s account, you’ll see the account details with a single login.

Q: Why can’t I use my account number as my Login ID in the new system?

A: Choosing your personal Login ID gives you added protection if someone learns your account number. In addition, you can change your Login ID at your discretion, which gives you added protection. When combined with a strong password, you are doubly protected.

Q: Must I update my automatic withdrawals or Institution to Institution transfers?

A: No. These transactions will continue to perform as usual.

You will be prompted to update your current SESLOC Mobile App the first time you access the new system.

Q: Will my transaction categories and charts carry over to the new system?

A: No. You will need to re-categorize your items. You may want to print a copy of your current charts and categories before April 23. The good news is that the new system offers expanded capabilities, such as the ability to consolidate information from your outside accounts within Money Manager so you can view your entire financial picture in one place.

Q: Will account alerts still be available?

A: Yes. Plus, they will arrive in near real time instead of the previous once-a-day notices.

Q: Can I still change my contact information in online banking?

A: Yes. In fact, we’ve simplified the process. If you have multiple account numbers, one change will update all your accounts, so you’re less likely to overlook an account.

Q: Will Person-to-Person (P2P) payments be available in new online banking?

A: Yes. P2P allows you to send money to anyone. All you need is the individual’s email address or mobile phone number. 

Q: Can I use Person-to-Person (P2P) payments to send funds to another member?

A: Yes. P2P may be a good choice when you don’t want to reveal your account number to the recipient. Keep in mind that P2P payments take slightly longer to arrive than an online banking transfer between accounts.

Q: Can someone fraudulently log into my account if they know my personal information?

A: A secure access code sent directly to your phone or email helps protect your account. The first time you log in, and any time you log in from a new device or with a new browser, you must confirm your identity by entering a secure access code that we send you. It is essential that we have your correct phone numbers and email address on file so you can receive the code.

Q: What if I receive a secure access code that I didn’t request?

A: This might occur if you and a joint owner share a phone number or email address.  Log in to your account to confirm no unauthorized activity has occurred, or call us at (805) 543-1816 for assistance. If you suspect someone is trying to fraudulently access your account, you may want to update your login ID and password.

Q: Can I still download my account information in Quicken and

A: Yes. However, if you are a Quicken, QuickBooks or user, you must deactivate and reactivate your accounts after April 24. The same is true if you use other account aggregation tools. Complete instructions will be available soon.