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Scheduling Payments in Bill Pay

January 22, 2019
by Team SESLOC

Your added contacts will appear in the Payment Center where you can schedule, edit, or cancel payments.

Sending Money

  1. Select the contact you wish to pay.
  2. If you have multiple checking accounts linked to your Bill Pay, you will be able to select which account to pay from the drop down.
  3. Enter the amount.
  4. Enter the delivery date. Please note:
    • Standard delivery is free, but there is a fee for next day Rush Delivery. Any fees will be displayed at date selection.
    • Payments are made electronically whenever possible, but if the biller cannot accept an electronic payment, a paper check is printed and mailed. Electronic payments are typically delivered within one to three business days, and mailed paper checks typically take between three to five business days.
  5. Click Send Money to review your payment and make any corrections.
  6. Submit payment to confirm.

Changing or Cancelling a Payment

Need to change or cancel a payment? You can edit a pending payment as long as it hasn’t started processing. Pending payments will be listed in the Pending Payments box that appears on the right side of the Payment Center or in the Activity tab. Click on the payment to select Change or Cancel. If the payment is processing, please call us at (805) 543-1816 or contact Bill Pay support at 1-844-699-1620 to investigate if a stop payment is possible.


Some billers can even send your bills electronically directly to Bill Pay. Your eBills will appear in the Payment Center where you can set up your payment or manage AutoPay.

Here’s how it works: Companies that offer eBills will display an option for your to request the service through Bill Pay. Your request will process and you will start receiving your eBill with a month or so depending on the billing cycle. Please note that some companies will stop sending paper bills once eBilling is active.

You can elect to stop receiving eBills at any time. Choose the contact in the Payment Center, open the eBills section, and select the option to stop. Once you cancel your eBills, any scheduled automatic payments will be cancelled. It may take one or two billing cycles before the company stops sending eBills, and it may take one billing cycle before you start receiving paper bills again.

After you cancel an eBill, you can still pay the bill through Bill Pay but you won’t be able to access the bill online in the Payment Center.


AutoPay allows you to set up a recurring schedule so you don’t have to worry about missing payments.

  1. Click AutoPay under the contact.
  2. Enter the amount.
  3. Enter the first delivery date.
  4. Select the frequency of payments.
  5. Select duration. You can set automatic payments to continue unless you cancel, or if you’re paying something with a defined term like an auto loan, you can set the schedule to end after a specified number of payments or a specific date. You can even edit the last payment amount if it will be different.
  6. Elect your email notifications. You can be notified when the payment is pending, when the payment has been sent, or before the last payment is sent if you specified a duration.
  7. Click to save changes.
  8. Details about your AutoPay schedule will appear when you click the AutoPay button under the contact you set it up for. You can change or cancel your AutoPay at any time.
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