Bill Pay - Frequently Asked Questions

General Bill Pay Questions
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How do I activate Bill Pay?
Why did I get an error message when I tried to enroll?
Is there a monthly fee?
What do I need in order to use Bill Pay?
How do I cancel a payment?
Is it safe to pay online?

Is Bill Pay better than merchant deductions?
What are the advantages of Bill Pay?
Is Bill Pay difficult to use?
What if I need help or have questions?
How do I cancel Bill Pay Service?

Payment Questions

Can I pay from multiple accounts?
Can I name my checking accounts?
Can I pay anyone with Bill Pay?
Can I pay SESLOC loans in Bill Pay?
What date should I send a payment?
What is the "deliver by" date?
When are payments issued?
What if I enter incorrect payee information?
When must funds be in my account?
What if money is not in my account?
Will you use my overdraft to pay?

Why did you change my payee address?
If my payment is late, who pays the late fees?

Is there a maximum payment amount?
How do I verify a bill is paid?
Can I cancel a scheduled payment?
Can I place a stop payment?
What if my payment doesn't arrive?
How can I change payee information?
How do I deactivate a payee?
Why do I still see deactivated payees?

General Questions & Answers

How do I activate Bill Pay Service?
Log on to eBranch with your online PIN. Enter your email address in the upper right side of the first screen. Click "Pay Bills" in the green menu bar. Read the Terms & Conditions and click "agree" to activate Bill Pay.   top

Why did I receive an error message when I clicked on "continue" after reading the disclosure? I'm using the Firefox browser.
You'll need to change your browser settings to allow 3rd party cookies. From the Tools drop down menu, select Options> Privacy> Check the box "Allow 3rd party cookies." In some versions, you will find it by clicking Firefox on your menu bar, then select Preferences> Privacy> Check the box "Accept third-party cookies.

Is there a monthly fee?
No. Using Bill Pay is free.  Checking account fees, such as overdraft, still apply. (see fee schedule).     top

What do I need to use Bill Pay Service?
You will need a SESLOC checking account, email address, and PIN. To set up a payment, you will need the name, address and phone number of the person you wish to pay and your account number for the payee, if applicable. For commonly used merchants or utility companies, the address is completed automatically by Bill Pay, which selects the best address based on our communication with the payee.  See "Why did you change my payee address."   top

How do I cancel Bill Pay Service?
Your signature is required to cancel Bill Pay. You may write to us, stop by a branch, or call Member Support for assistance (805) 543-1816. Your Bill Pay Service is also deactivated after 90 days' inactivity. If you later reactivate your account, you must re-enter your payee list.   top

Is it safe to pay online?
Yes. When you log on, you establish a secure encrypted session with an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) web server, which scrambles data transmitted between your computer and our server. Data is unscrambled when it reaches our server. Any potential "eavesdroppers" see meaningless data.  In addition, you reduce mail and paper documents, which are the source of 70% of identity fraud.   top

Why should I use Bill Pay when many payees can automatically deduct my payments?
When you allow merchants, utilities, or mortgage companies to automatically deduct payments, you must entrust them with your personal account data and trust they will keep your data secure. The more people you share with, the higher your risk of account fraud. By sending payments through Bill Pay, you keep your account information exclusively at SESLOC, where protecting your account is our top priority.   top

What are the advantages of Bill Pay Service?
With Bill Pay, you can  

  • quickly manage your bills online, 24/7
  • set up payments in advance and relax, knowing they'll be paid on the date you specify
  • reduce security risks associated with paper bills arriving by mail 
  • keep tabs on your bills and payments with personalized email updates and online records
  • improve personal security, since your account data remains at SESLOC, not in the files of multiple companies you may authorize to withdraw payments from your account   top
Is Bill Pay difficult to use?
The easy-to-understand screens and clear "Help" screens make it simple to use. You have the opportunity to verify each payment; plus, payments are easily changed or deleted prior to the payment date. Our staff is always ready to help by phone or in person.   top

What if I need help?
Bring a bill into any branch and we'll help you get started. Or, you may call us at (805) 543-1816, or email us at   top

Payment Questions and Answers

Can I pay bills from more than one account?
Yes. You can pay from any of your SESLOC checking accounts, such as your S9 or S9.1. You may not pay from your savings account.   top

Can I name my checking accounts to help idetify them?
Yes.  Click on "Funding Accounts" on the green bar to view your available accounts.  Click a name on the list; you'll reach a page where you may enter a "nickname" to identify the account, such as "House Repair Checking.   top

Can I pay anyone through Bill Pay Service?
No. Do not pay collection agencies, payees outside the U.S., or government agencies, such as DMV, County Tax Assessor, IRS, and child support paid to the court. These payments cannot be researched and are not guaranteed, so you are fully at risk.  See your Bill Pay disclosure for complete details. You may pay city-run utilities. Do not pay SESLOC loans or credit cards though Bill Pay, since this will delay credit to your account.   top

Can I pay my SESLOC loans or credit cards through Bill Pay Service?
No. Your payment will be delayed if you pay your SESLOC Federal Credit Union loan with SESLOC Bill Pay Service.  Use the eBranch "Transfer" function to move funds among your SESLOC accounts in real time, or to schedule an automatic transfer at a future date.   top

What date should I send a payment?
When you enter a date in the "send on" field a "deliver by" date appears below. The calendar tool also allows you to point at a date and see the "deliver by" date. This is the latest date you want your payment to arrive.

What is the "deliver by" date?
The date the payment must be received by the payee. When you select the "pay on" date, the corresponding "deliver by" date will appear.   top

When are payments issued to my payees?
Payments are issued each business day at 1 p.m. Pacific Time. (If a mailed check is required, the postmark may be the next business day). For an electronic payment to be made on the same business day, schedule it before 1 p.m. At this time you'll see your payment move from the "Pending Payments" column to the "Last 5 Payments" column on your Bill Pay screen. Funds are deducted from your account the next morning.   top

What happens if I enter incorrect payee information?
It is important to enter your information accurately. An incorrect address will delay payment and could result in late charges. An incorrect account number may result in a payment posted to the wrong account. However, once your payee information is entered, it is saved in your payee list and you'll feel confident sending your payments.   top

When must funds be in my account?
Funds should be in your account on the "pay by" date. Payments are processed at 1:00 p.m. on the "pay by" date. We will withdraw the funds from your designated account the morning after the processing date.   top

What if money is not in my account?
We make up to three (3) attempts to withdraw funds for your payment and notify you of the NSF condition by electronic message on eBranch or by email (your address must be current). Other payments are frozen until your account is properly funded.  Each time funds are not available, you will be charged a $25 non-sufficient funds (NSF) fee (up to $75 for a scheduled payment). If funds are not available in your checking or overdraft account on the third attempt, your account will be delinquent and subject to collection, and Bill Pay Service will be terminated.

Will you use my overdraft to pay?
Yes.  All applicable fees or interest charges will apply (see fee schedule).   top

Why did you change my payee address?
You may notice a payee address is different from the one you entered. Once you enter a payee, payment information is verified according to what we have learned through previous payments and through communication with the payee. For example, a payee may have a different address for payments received electronically. Based on this information, the payment address may be adjusted to expedite your payment.   top

If my payment is late, who pays the late charges?
You will not be responsible for the late charges if:

  1. you entered in the correct due date

  2. you entered the appropriate "send on" date so the "deliver by" date is the equivalent of the payee's due date. A "deliver by" date beyond the due date, even if within a "grace period," does not meet the criteria for us to guarantee on-time payment

  3. you entered the correct account information

  4. you entered the correct merchant information

  5. you had sufficient funds in your account to make the payment

You are responsible for any late fees that occur if:

  1. you have not given us accurate or complete information

  2. you do not have sufficient available funds in your account

  3. a check we mailed was delayed or misdirected by the postal service top

Is there a maximum payment amount?
Yes, the maximum amount per single payment is $9,999.99.     top

How do I verify a bill is paid?
Next to your payee list, a "Pending Payments" list shows your scheduled payments, and a "Paid To" list shows your most recent payments.    top

Can I cancel a scheduled payment?
Yes, as long as the funds have not been deducted from your account.  Click the "edit" link next to your pending payment to change or delete the payment.    top

Can I stop payment on a Bill Pay check or ACH payment?
For a paper check payment you did not cancel in time within Bill Pay Service, please call SESLOC member support for assistance at (805) 543-1816 or 464-5030 or 227-1030.  If payment is made electronically (ACH), the payment cannot be stopped once funds are deducted. If funds have not been deducted, simply delete the scheduled payment.   top

What if my payment doesn't arrive?
If a merchant says it hasn't received your payment, do the following:

  1. Check to see if the funds were deducted from your account.

  2. Check to see if all merchant information you entered is correct.

If you have general questions, call SESLOC at (805) 543-1816., 464-5030 or 227-1030, or email: info@sesloc.orgtop

How can I change payee information?
To change payee information, click on the payee, then click "View/Change Payee Details," then "Change Information." (Sometimes you won't be able to change a payee address because of the special relationship for payment delivery that we have with a payee.)    top

How do I deactivate a payee?
To deactivate a payee, click on the payee and select "View/Change Payee Details." Choose "Deactivate Payee" from the options on the right.  top

Why can't I remove deactivated payees from my payee list?
To properly store your billing history and ensure accurate reporting, we cannot completely delete payees from your account. However, you can hide payees that you no longer use by clicking on the Hide Inactive Payees link on the My Payees page.    top



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