You could skip a loan payment.

You may be eligible to skip a payment.

Do you have a vehicle or signature loan at SESLOC? You could skip one payment this November or December. To apply, complete the Skip A Pay request form below, return to the branch and pay a $30 processing fee. If approved, congrats! You've just freed up extra cash for the holidays.


  • Eligible loans include vehicle, recreational vehicle, boat, trailer, and signature loans.
  • Loan must have an on-time payment history from the 12 months preceeding the request.
  • You may apply to skip a payment on one or several loans. The processing fee applies to each application.
    Full terms included on the form.

Return your completed form:

In person By mail
to any SESLOC branch Attn: Lending
Post Office Box 5360
San Luis Obispo, CA  93403 


  Reminder! If you scheduled recurring automatic payments from SESLOC or another financial institution, you will need to cancel or pause the payment.

Forms are due December 31, 2019. You may apply for Skip A Pay on vehicle, RV, boat, trailer and closed-end signature loans that have a current payment history for the previous 12 month period. (Visa®, business loans, lines of credit, real estate and business loans do not qualify.) You may skip one payment per qualified loan with a maximum of five skips during the life of the loan. The final loan payment date is extended one month per approved deferred payment period. Interest continues to accrue during the month the payment is deferred, thereby increasing the finance charges paid on the loan. All other loan terms and conditions remain the same. Payments return to the amounts and due dates disclosed in your original loan agreement immediately following the deferred payment period. Membership must be in good standing. Offer subject to approval. Other conditions and restrictions may apply.