We continually strive to improve your banking experience. Our updated operating system increases efficiency, allowing our members to enjoy faster transactions, easier account openings, and even more online convenience.

Please read the details below regarding the minor changes that took place during the update. We are confident that any action you may need to take will be balanced by the significant benefits our new system will provide.

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Accounting programs, such as
Quicken and Mint, will need to
be adjusted to recognize the
new account numbers.
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Account Numbers

Your member number remains the same.* However, a four digit suffix will identify individual deposit or loan account types. The old suffix (S1, L11, etc.) will appear in the account description. This will not affect check processing, bill payments, direct deposit, or pre-authorized payments.

* Long-time members with 11-digit account numbers will see the first digit disappear. Example: 10123456789 will become 0123456789

Account Statements

Simplified account statements will now show only deposit accounts, and individual billing statements will be sent for all loan accounts. This is a great time to reduce environmental impacts, increase statement security and add convenience with eStatements. Learn More »

Phone Teller

You’ll appreciate our new user-friendly Phone Teller system. The first time you call, you will reset your PIN (4 to 15 digits). You must call from a phone number we have on file for you. If you need to update your home, work or cell phone number, you may log on to eBranch. Under User Options select Change Address to review all your contact information, or give us a call at 805.543.1816.

View or print a guide to our new Phone Teller system here »