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Your Visa Credit, Debit and ATM transactions are blocked from several countries where a disproportionate amount of fraud originates. Please complete our Travel Notification Form before you travel outside the state or outside the U.S. to help us:

  • Provide continuous Credit Card transactions
  • Provide safe Check Card access to your account
  • Protect your account while you travel

Review These Travel Advisories                                    

  • A Visa Check Card and a Checking Account is required for ATM card withdrawals when you're outside the U.S.  ATM Cards do not work in most foreign countries.
  • Order Foreign Currency from SESLOC. Allow at least 7 business days before your departure. Only Euros and British pounds are available for conversion in minimum amounts of $100.00 U.S. currency. Some funds are kept on hand. Please call Accounting for availablity. 
  • Check your card expiration dates to be sure they won't expire while you're traveling. Your card is good up to the last day of the month it expires.
  • Activate a new ATM or Visa Check Card by performing at least one PIN-based transaction here at home.
  • Overseas ATMs will not accept your ATM card.  A VISA Check card (debit) gives you more reliable ATM access overseas.
  • VISA Check Cards and Credit Cards may be used for purchases and for cash withdrawals or cash advances from ATMs outside the country. Remember, each has a separate PIN. Only your Check Card PIN may be customized.
  • Daily withdrawal limits for your ATM and Check Card are based on a 24 hour period which begins at midnight California time.  If you're in a different time zone, you'll need to know when it's midnight in California.
  • When withdrawing foreign currency at an ATM, calculate the value in U.S. dollars so you don't exceed your daily limit.  If your transaction is rejected, try the next lower transaction amount.
  • VISA Credit Card cash advances require your VISA PIN. This is different from your ATM or Visa Check Card PIN. A cash advance fee and a foreign currency exchange fee apply when used in foreign countries. Look for an ATM with the Visa logo.
  • We monitor your VISA account for atypical transactions. We may contact you to verify transactions. If we cannot reach you at your home phone number, your account may be blocked. Complete a Travel Notification form if travel will change your purchasing pattern.

  • Take the overseas Lost/Stolen reporting phone numbers for your credit card, check card, and ATM cards.  Print the "Contact Us" page for foreign and domestic card reporting phone numbers.


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