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How to Use Business Online Bill Pay

February 14, 2023
by Team SESLOC

Bill Pay is a secure and convenient service that enables you to receive, view, and pay your bills from one centralized place. You can use Bill Pay to send money to anyone in the United States that you would normally pay by check, automatic debit, or cash. Bill Pay sends payments electronically when possible, but if the biller can’t accept electronic payments, the service will print and mail a check for you.

Learn how to get started using Bill Pay using the instructions below:

Enroll in Bill Pay

To get started, select Pay My Bills from the Menu bar.

The first time you attempt to access the bill pay section of online banking, you will be prompted to begin online registration. You are first requested to read and accept the authorization disclosure. Failure to accept the disclosure terms prevents the registration process from proceeding. Once the disclosure is agreed to, complete the online registration form.

And that’s it! You’re ready to start using Bill Pay. Learn how to add bills and schedule payments.

Assigning Your Authorized Users Bill Pay Access

Business Online Banking admins can create roles and add authorized users to bank on behalf of the business. Learn how to create roles and manage users here. Access to Bill Pay is a permission that can be set on the accounts list when setting up a role. Admins can review any authorized user’s digital banking activity in the Activity Log tab. 

Adding Contacts in Bill Pay

  1. Select Pay My Bills from the Menu bar and then the Manage Billers tab
  2. Under Add New Billers, you can search for a company or manually enter in your contact’s information.
  3. Follow the prompts to enter your account and/or billing information. Some billers allow you to pay your bills electronically and may not ask you to input an address. Instead, they may ask you to enter your login information for that biller’s account.
  4. Give your contact a nickname to better organize your list of billers.
  5. Select Add/Save and your biller will be added to your list.

Editing or Deleting Contacts in Bill Pay

You can edit or delete your added billers. Select the three-dot icon on your desired biller to expand the options menu, and choose View | Edit. Update their information and save changes, or delete to remove them.

As of July 19, 2023, you can change a biller category on the “View/Edit Biller” page by clicking on Edit in the category section. There are 19 categories the user can choose from. You can now also change the category of any biller labeled “Uncategorized.” 

Bill Pay Updated Confirmation Page

Will the Contact Receive Electronic or Paper Payments?

When scheduling a payment’s send date, please note this is the date that funds will be debited from your checking account if the payment is electronic. Electronic payments will be delivered to the payee on the following business day. If the bill will be paid by check, the check will be mailed on the next business day. That payee (biller) will receive the check in accordance to standard USPS delivery timeframes. Funds will be debited from your account when they cash the check. We recommend scheduling the payment send date far enough in advance to accommodate these timeframes.

When you set up a biller in Bill Pay, you’ll notice a little icon on their entry in the Manage Billers tab next to the Pay button. An electronic payment is indicated by a lighting bolt icon, and a paper check will be indicated by a check icon, like in the example below:

Bill Pay Check Example

Enrolling in eBills

Some Billers can send your bill directly to Bill Pay. Billers with this capability will display an Enroll in eBills link above the Pay button. Follow the prompts to enter and verify your account information.

If you would like to stop receiving an eBill for your payee, locate the payee in your list and click its Options button. The Options window will open directly to the eBill tab. Click on the stop receiving electronic bill link.

If at any time during the eBill connection process an error occurs, navigate back to the Manage Billers tab. There will be a ‘Fix Error’ button located within the biller card. Attempt to connect again, and if it still fails, you will be presented with a more detailed reason why. Correct the issues identified and try again. If that still doesn’t fix the issue, please contact us so we can help investigate.

Note: Some billers require authentication each time a new eBill is downloaded. When this happens, you will receive an email explaining this. To re-establish connection and download the eBill, please log into Online Banking and navigate to Bill Pay, where you will be presented with a notice that a biller needs attention. Click the ‘Fix Error’ button and complete the authentication steps. Once authentication is complete, the eBill will be available shortly thereafter. 

Enhancements are in development to make eBill connectivity more user-friendly and to include more helpful error messaging explaining why the connection isn’t successful earlier in the process.

Scheduling Payments in Bill Pay

  1. Select Pay My Bills from the Menu bar and then the Manage Billers tab.
  2. Find the biller you would like to schedule a payment with, and select the Pay button.
  3.  Select the payment method.
  4. Fill in the payment amount and choose when to send the payment. You can select the earliest available payment date or specific delivery date. You may also authorize the payment of a fee to select an expedited payment date.
  5. Choose any notifications.
  6. View the Payment Confirmation summary and select Submit Payment to confirm. You may also select Cancel Payment Setup on this screen if you need to make any changes.
  7. Your scheduled payment will display in the Bills & Payments tab.

How to Pay Multiple Bills at Once

1. On the Bills & Payments tab, select the Pay Additional Billers button to access the multi-pay feature:

Bill Pay Additional Billers

2. This will allow you to select additional billers. Simply add payment details for each item you wish to pay.

Bill Pay Additional Billers  

eBills: How to Pay "Other Amount" or "Statement Balance"

eBills make it easy to choose how much you would like to pay. The bill will have a button you can select to pay the minimum amount due or the entire statement amount. Or, select Enter Custom Amount to input what you would like to pay. 

Bill Pay Other

Edit or Delete Scheduled Payments

  1. Select the Pay my Bills option in the main menu.
  2. Select the Bills & Payments tab to view scheduled payments.
  3. If you wish to edit or delete a payment, select the three-dot Options icon and select Edit Payment or Delete Payment.
  4. Follow the prompts to confirm.

How to Print Confirmation of Payment

There is not currently a print button on the last page when scheduling a bill and we are working on getting that added following the upgrade to our new service on February, 22, 2023. However, here are a few easy ways that you can print this confirmation:

    • The last step of scheduling a payment is electing notifications. When you elect to receive a notification, you will get email confirmation that the payment was scheduled or completed. You may print this email as confirmation or save it as a PDF to your computer or device.
    • On the Bills & Payments tab, there is an Export button located below the date filter. Use this to export all currently scheduled payments for the current date range.
    • Take a screenshot of the payment confirmation page and print or save them as needed.
        • On Windows, you can use the Snipping Tool, or press the Print Screen button on your keyboard to copy the screenshot onto your clipboard, which you can paste into a Word document and save.
        • On Mac, press Shift+Command+3 which will take a screenshot and save it to your desktop.

Bill Pay Updated Confirmation Page

How to Change the Date Range View

If you have a payment that is scheduled but not visible in the Bills & Payments tab, you can change the date range view in the Bills & Payments tab. The default view includes payments scheduled within the next 45 days, but you can click the date to enter a custom date range, up to 90 days ahead. Please note that if you just scheduled a payment, you may need to refresh your browser or session in order to see the item.

Bill Pay Date Range 1

Bill Pay Date Range 2

View Contact's Activity

You can view scheduled and previous payment activity with any of your contacts in Bill Pay.

  1. Select Pay my Bills from the main menu.
  2. Select the Manage Billers tab
  3. On your desired biller, select the three-dot Options icon.
  4. Select View Activity.

Notification Preferences

You can update your preferences for how you would like to receive important notifications about Bill Pay. Select the Notifications tab in Bill  Pay and choose how you would like to receive notifications. Confirm your changes by selecting the Update Preferences button.

Session Timeout

Enhanced security with Session Timeout – A dialog box will appear after a period of no activity in the Bill Pay system alerting you the session may time out. The timeout will help us protect your information in the event your dashboard is left idle. As a reminder, always LOG OUT after your session is complete!

Bill Pay Session Time Out 1

When your session ends, you will need to sign out of Online Banking and sign in again.

Bill Pay Session Time Out 2