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Fraud Monitoring Service for Visa Debit and Credit Cards

Fraud Monitoring Service

Alerts are available via Text Message or Phone Call

Our Fraud Detection and Notification System continually monitors the accounts of our Business and Consumer Visa cardholders to watch for suspicious debit, credit or ATM card activity, and notifies you if fraudulent activity is suspected. Our automated assistant, “Jill,” works with a team of people to speed the notification process.

All cardholders are automatically enrolled in this program to receive fraud alerts. Beginning July 1, 2020, all cardholders with a mobile phone number will receive fraud alerts via text message. If you do not have a mobile phone number in our records, you will receive an automated telephone call. You may add or update your mobile phone number in Online Banking, via our secure online form, or you may call us at (805) 543-1816. See below for more ways to update your notification preferences.

Here’s how it works:

If Fraud is Suspected

  • Our state-of-the art automated assistant, nick-named “Jill,” (or one of her human counterparts) sends a text message to your mobile phone number. If you do not reply to the text message within five minutes, you will receive an automated phone call. If you do not have a mobile phone number in our records, you will receive a an automated phone call to your primary phone number.
    • Via text message: You will not be asked to verify your identity. You may opt-out of text messaging alerts at this time.
    • Via phone call: You will be asked to verify your identity by entering the last four digits of the primary member’s Social Security number (see “Security Identification” below) and birth date.
  • You will be asked to verify your recent card activity:
    • If you identify a transaction as fraud, your call is transferred to our Card Member Security Support Team to help you take the next steps to protect your card and your accounts.
    • If you verify the transaction is legitimate, you will be able to close the case with the automated assistant over the phone.

Security Identification

The four digit segment of the primary account holder’s Social Security number plus birth date are the only identifiers available to the monitoring service. This is enough to verify your identity, but not enough to compromise your personal security. You will NOT be asked to provide your account number, password, or other confidential information.

Safety Precautions

If you receive a fraud alert and feel uncertain about the process or the identity of the sender, do not reply or hang up the phone and call SESLOC at (805) 543-1816. Or, you may call our Security Support Team direct at (888) 241-2440.

Protective Blocking

If the Security Support Team is unable to verify the activity with you or with SESLOC, they use their experience and judgment to determine whether to place a protective block on your account. Your current phone number is essential for this process to succeed. You may add or update your mobile or home phone number in Online Banking, via our secure online form, or you may call us at (805) 543-1816.

Update your Notification Preferences

With a Business or Consumer Visa Debit or Credit card you are automatically enrolled in Visa’s Fraud Monitoring Service. You may update your preference for how you receive fraud alerts.

Call us at (805) 543-1816 if you wish to avoid receiving automated text message alerts and/or automated telephone call alerts. You may also opt-out from automated alerts any time your receive one.

If you do opt-out of automated alerts and fraudulent activity is suspected on your account(s), you will receive a phone call from a live agent. At this time, we do not use email alerts as it is not a secure channel. We strongly advise you to continue using automated alerts for quick, convenient notifications that help prevent fraud.

Help Us Protect You


  • If you anticipate using your SESLOC credit or debit card in diverse locations or for atypical purchases, notify SESLOC in advance. Complete a Travel Notification Form if you’re traveling outside the country so we can provide more flexible fraud monitoring while you travel: Docusign | PDF
  • Keep phone numbers and contact information updated so we can reach you if necessary. You may add or update your mobile or home phone number in Online Banking, call us at (805) 543-1816 or use one the following form options: Docusign | PDF.
  • Learn more ways you can help prevent fraud.

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