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You live a busy life. Let our text or email alerts help you manage your SESLOC accounts automatically.

Alerts are sent right to your mobile device, email, or both for free.* They’re easy to set up in Online Banking.
Note these alerts are separate from text alerts you may receive from our Fraud Monitoring Service.


Alert options include:

  • Account Balance Notice – We’ll alert you when your checking or savings balance reaches the amount you specify. This helps avoid overdrafts and NSF conditions.
  • Periodic Reminder – Remind yourself of anything! Birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
  • Purchase Notice – Receive an alert when a purchase is deducted from your account. You’ll know immediately if a fraudulent transaction occurs.
  • Withdrawal Notice – Receive an alert when withdrawals occur.
  • Periodic Balance Notice – Account balances are sent out on a date you choose.
  • Deposit Notice – Receive an alert when a deposit is posted.
  • Certificate Maturity Notice – For when a certificate is about to mature.
  • Loan Payment Due Notice – Remind yourself about loan or credit card due dates.

Set up Alerts today!

With Alerts, you’ll be better equipped to stay on top of your finances, avoid non-sufficient funds fees, and provide another layer of protection from fraud.

  • In Online Banking, navigate to Services > Alerts.
  • From there, you can choose Date Alerts, Account Alerts, History Alerts, Online Transaction Alerts.
  • For each alert you set up, you can customize many options, including selecting the frequency and which delivery method you want to receive the alert. The options are Secure Message Only (only be delivered within Online Banking), Email, Phone and Text. Note there is no global option for selecting the delivery method (except on Security Alerts). This allows flexibility allows you to prioritize your alerts. For example, send most important alerts via text if you are a always near your smartphone, and the less important alerts to your email if you don’t check it as regularly.
  • With Security Alerts, you can choose the delivery method under Edit Delivery Preferences. We have disabled some options as these are required for your protection.

Note, the preferences selected in Security Alerts are different than in Security Preferences. Navigate to Security Preferences > Secure Delivery. Enter or update your information that will be used for Secure Access Code delivery, which is used for authentication during enrollment and login verification.

Watch the instructional video

A note regarding alerts from Online Banking

SESLOC will never call, text or email you to ask for your personal or account information, nor will we send you a link or request you to reply or call a phone number that requests confidential information. Alerts are strictly a one-way communication. To learn more, please see our alerts and tips for fraud prevention »


* Alerts sent to your wireless device may be subject to a fee by your wireless provider.

Need assistance?

If you need help with the Alerts, contact us at (805) 543-1816.

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