Business and Nonprofit Savings Accounts

Business Savings Accounts


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Business Savings Accounts


Make your money work as hard as you do.

Our Business Savings accounts earn high yields while you save for future purchases.

Business Share Savings

Become a SESLOC Business member with a $5 non-refundable membership fee and a $5 minimum deposit into your Business Share Savings account. Once your membership is established, you can immediately take advantage of all the benefits of Credit Union membership.

Business Share Certificates

Watch your excess capital grow. Earn high yields on long-term funds, save for planned purchases and acquisitions and improve your equity position.

Business Money Market

Earn higher dividends while maintaining access to funds for new expenses or emergencies.

Looking for an account for your club or organization? We have solutions for Unincorporated Associations as well.

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Your Money is Safe at SESLOC. Accounts are insured to at least $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration, a U.S. government agency.  Learn more »

Business Tips

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Nonprofit New Fiscal Year May Mean New Account Signers  

Nonprofit New Fiscal Year May Mean New Account Signers  

July 1st is the fiscal new year for many nonprofits and the perfect time to bring on new board members and officers. If those new officers are also going to be signers on the organization’s bank accounts, it’s important to let us know you have changes to make to prevent delays or disruptions in service.

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Make it a Habit to Review Your Business Account

Make it a Habit to Review Your Business Account

Experts say it can take as little as three weeks to form a habit, and if you own or operate a business, make it a daily habit to check your account(s) activity in online banking. Review debits and credits as they occur so you can catch any fraudulent checks, duplicate check numbers or unauthorized ACH debits.

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