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Travel Center 

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Are you taking a month-long tour of Europe or planning a quick getaway to Seattle? Letting us know your travel plans will help us identify transactions you make versus those that could be fraudulent. Also note your Visa Credit, Debit and ATM transactions are blocked from several countries where a disproportionate amount of fraud originates. Submitting a Travel Notification before you travel outside the state or U.S. ensures that SESLOC can:

  • Provide continuous Credit Card transactions
  • Provide safe Debit Card access to your account
  • Protect your account while you travel
How to Notify SESLOC

Learn how with these helpful tutorials

  • In Online Banking, from your accounts dashboard, simply click the associated checking or credit account. Select the Card Services tab, and select the Travel Notices tile. Or, select the More Links option in the Main Menu bar to select Travel Notices.
  • Follow the prompts to give us info about your trip and you’re good to go!

If you prefer, you can also complete our quick and secure DocuSign form or call our Contact Center at (805) 543-1816 to submit a Travel Notice. 

Review These Travel Advisories

  • ATM cards do not work in most foreign countries. A Visa debit card (tied to your checking account) gives you more reliable ATM access.
  • Check your card expiration dates to be sure they won’t expire while you’re traveling. Your card is good up to the last day of the month it expires.
  • Daily withdrawal limits for your debit card are based on a 24 hour period which begins at midnight California time.
  • When withdrawing foreign currency at an ATM, calculate the value in U.S. dollars so you don’t exceed your daily limit. If your transaction is rejected, try the next lower transaction amount.
  • Visa credit card cash advances require your Visa PIN. This is different from your Visa debit card PIN. A cash advance fee and a foreign currency exchange fee apply when used in foreign countries. Look for an ATM with the Visa logo.
  • Complete a Travel Notification form. We monitor your VISA account for atypical transactions. We may contact you to verify transactions. If we cannot reach you at your primary phone number, your account may be blocked. A Travel Notification form tells us when a change in your purchasing pattern is expected.
  • Take the lost/stolen reporting phone numbers for your credit card and debit card. Print the “Contact Us” page for foreign and domestic card reporting phone numbers.

Your Money is Safe at SESLOC

Accounts are insured to at least $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration, a U.S. government agency. 

Tips for Preventing Fraud

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