Open Transfers

Open Transfers

From within Online Banking, you can transfer funds between your SESLOC accounts and other financial institutions.

Before your first transaction, we perform a validation process, in which we initiate three small transactions to your remote account (each 25 cents or less). In a few days, we ask you to login to the remote account, note these three amounts and return to our system to confirm those values with us. After you verify your non-credit union accounts, you are ready to transfer funds.


Open Transfer features:

  • Convenient access to link your bank, brokerage, and external credit union accounts
  • Choose from one-time, scheduled, or recurring transfers
  • More cost effective than a wire transfer
  • Processes faster than a check
  • Saves time by eliminating a trip to a branch

Transfers To and From an External Account

Transferring money between your SESLOC account your account at another financial institution is easy and free. Navigate to Transfers and select Add ExternalAccount. Follow the instructions to verify your account.


    Transfer Limits Apply: For transfers to another financial institution, the maximum daily transfer is up to $3,000 aggregate in funds per membership. A monthly limit of $10,000 also applies. This means that when a transfer is received, we add all your external transfers during the past 29 days to determine your limit for the current day.

    Transfers to a SESLOC Member

    To transfer funds to another SESLOC member, navigate to Transfers and select Link Other Members. You have the option to perform a Single Transfer or Link Account. Link Account will allow you to schedule one-time or recurring deposits. The next time you’d like to transfer  to this account, select Transfer Funds within the Move Money tab.

    At this time, Open Transfers cannot be used for international funds transfers.

      Need assistance?

      If you need help with Transfers, contact us at (805) 543-1816.

      Tips for Making Transfers

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