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Overdraft Protection from a SESLOC Checking Account

Overdraft Protection

Protect your credit rating, avoid high fees, and gain peace of mind.

SESLOC offers Overdraft Protection plans for your convenience. Overdraft from savings is effective automatically. An Overdraft Line of Credit offers added security (application required).


Overdraft from Savings

Funds are automatically transferred from your savings if your checking account balance is insufficient to cover checks, electronic debits, debit card purchases, or payments scheduled through Bill Pay.* The funds must be available in the account and are transferred in the exact amount needed.

* A fee applies to each transfer. Please refer to the fee schedule.

Overdraft Line of Credit

This is an open-ended line of credit linked to your SESLOC checking account. Funds are advanced automatically to cover checks, electronic debits, debit card purchases, or payments scheduled in Bill Pay if the balance in your checking account is insufficient.

There are no transfer fees, and no interest costs until you use it. Interest accrues from the day funds are advanced, and the amount due appears online or on your next statement.

    Courtesy Pay

    Courtesy Pay Overdraft can provide additional protection when other plans you have established are not enough.

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