Bill Pay Reminders

Bill Pay Reminders

January 23, 2019
by Team SESLOC

Bill Pay Reminders offer peace of mind by alerting you with an email when a payment is due, when a payment has been sent, and if the bill was not paid by the due date. Your reminders will also appear as a list on the right side of the Payment Center.

Setting Up Reminders

  1. Click Reminders under the contact you wish to set up an alert for.
  2. Enter the Typical Due Date.
  3. Enter the Typical Amount Due.
  4. Select the frequency that you receive the bill.
  5. Select how far in advance of the due date to send the reminder.
  6. Elect your email alert options.
  7. Click Send Reminders

Changing or Cancelling Reminders

Details about your reminder will appear when you click Reminders under the contact you set it up for. You can change or cancel at any time by selecting Change Reminders or Stop Reminders.

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