Using computer to pay bills

Business Bill Pay

Pay your bills, all in one place.

We've made Business Bill Pay convenient so you focus on more important tasks, like growing your businesses. 

Your Benefits

  • Get access via a single dashboard on your desktop computer:*  all of your bills are centrally located in the Bill Pay dashboard, a one-stop-shop for your business payments.
  • Save paper, stamps and hassle: use eBills to save time, protect the environment and have more space on your desk.
  • Never miss a payment: schedule automatic, recurring payments and receive notifications of payments due.
  • Add payees in flash: the quick-add feature lets you add new payees or billers with as little information as a name or telephone number.
  • Delegate to team members: provide staff or other users with authority to pay bills on your behalf via multiple permission levels.
  • Keep track of your payments: view statements, consolidate multiple invoices into one vendor payment and keep logs of actions taken by your authorized users.

*Business Bill Pay is not currently supported on mobile devices.

NOTE: Sole Proprietors are eligible for this service, but may continue to use consumer Bill Pay to maintain access across business and personal accounts.


How to Enroll and Set Up Your Account

Follow these simple steps to set up Business Bill Pay.

How to enroll in Business Bill Pay:

  1. Log in to Business Online Banking via your desktop computer. The Admin must enroll the company in Business Bill Pay.
  2. Click Business Bill Pay tab. Select your account and accept the Terms and Conditions, then click continue to Bill Pay.
  3. Upon enrollment, the Admin will be assigned administrator rights.

How to add a user role to Business Bill Pay:

  1. Navigate to the Business Services tab and click or tap on Manage Business Billpay.
  2. Your Admin and User Roles you've created for online banking will appear in the "Admin/Role" column.
    • The Admin will automatically be enrolled for Business Bill Pay. 
    • The User Roles listed will be unenrolled.
  3. In the "Bill Pay Role" column, assign a level to each user role you would like to have access to Business Bill Pay.
    • Level 1 and 2 users can schedule and approve bills to be paid and add users. Level 2 can only add Level 3 users.
    • Level 3 users can draft payments but require Level 2 to approve payment.
  4. The Funding Accounts option will appear. You may assign one or more accounts by simply clicking the red button to green.
  5. Click Submit.


Please call our Contact Center (805) 543-1816, email us at or visit your nearest branch.

General FAQ

Q: I am a SESLOC member with a personal deposit or savings account as well. Is the new Business Bill Pay similar to the system for personal accounts? 
A: Yes. Business Bill Pay uses the same platform used for your personal account, so the look and feel will be similar.

Q: What are eBills?
A: An eBill is an electronic version of your bill or invoice sent directly to your SESLOC Bill Pay account within online banking. You are notified when a bill arrives, and you’ll get an email reminder when a bill is due. eBills allow you to view and pay bills from your computer or smart phone without logging on to multiple sites. Plus, you’ll have easy access to your past bills and payment history when you log on to your SESLOC account.

Q: Are there additional terms and conditions? 
A: Yes. The first time you use Business Bill Pay, either on your smart phone or desktop, you’ll be asked to accept the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy before you continue.

Q: How far in advance should I schedule payments on Business Bill Pay?
A: Schedule payments at least 4 business days before the due date. You will have the option with some merchants/billers to complete same day and next day payments for a fee. 

Q: Are there any new fees associated with the new Business Bill Pay product?
A: No. Use of the Business Bill Pay platform does not incure additional fees. See our Business Services fee schedule

Business Bill Pay Support 

If you’re new to Business Bill Pay, here are answers to common questions. The information below is provided by CheckFree. Note all answers open in a new window.

If you can’t find an answer you’re looking for or need additional support, please contact us at (805) 543-1816, email us at, or visit your nearest branch.

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