Change It Up

5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Savings

February 1, 2023
by Team SESLOC

What are your savings goals? Whether you’re trying to boost your emergency fund or get ready for a summer vacation, we have some tips to help you reach your goals:

1. Change it Up

Who says you can’t save and spend? Enroll in SESLOC’s new Change it Up1 feature to round up debit card purchases and keep the change — by way of a deposit into your interest-earning savings or Save to Win share certificate. Here’s how it works: you buy a $3.65 coffee, swipe your SESLOC debit, and we’ll round up the transaction to $4.00 and deposit $0.35 into your selected account at the end of the day. It’s an easy, automatic way to save money and see how your cents add up!

2. Save to Win

Would you like a chance to win prizes for saving your hard-earned money? With a Save to Win 12-month share certificate, every time you make a deposit of just $25 (up to 10 per month), you’ll be automatically entered in a monthly and quarterly prize drawing for a chance to win $25-$5,000.²  Ready to get started? All you need is $25, and you can open your new Save to Win account through Online Banking, in a branch, or by calling us at (805) 543-1816.

3. Pay Yourself First

Shift your mindset from savings what’s leftover at the end of the pay period to saving out of the gate  — treat your savings like it’s a bill in your budget.

4. Set It & Forget It

Set up recurring transfers to your savings account on payday, so funds are automatically stored away.

5. Trim Your Expenses

Take a good look at your expenses and look for places you can trim back on to free up more funds to stash away.


1. When you enroll in SESLOC’s Change It Up program, you understand that the amount of any SESLOC debit card purchase made by a cardholder issued a debit card associated with your checking account will round up to the next whole dollar and the excess of the purchase amount transferred into your selected savings account. If a debit card purchase is refunded or cancelled, the corresponding Change it Up transfer remains in your savings account. SESLOC may cancel or modify the SESLOC Change It Up service at any time without prior notice. Change it Up service is not available for business debit cards, and you may not transfer to a Consumer Money Market or Consumer Building Block Share Certificate Account.
2. Limit one Save to Win 12-month Share Certificate per consumer member. The account is not available to businesses, including sole proprietors, trusts and organizations. Consumer member must be 18 years or older and a resident of California to participate in the Save to Win Savings Promotion. No purchase necessary. 12-month Share Certificate account will automatically renew upon maturity. Early withdrawal incurs a penalty fee, with a limit of one withdrawal per 12-month term. Must maintain an average daily balance of $25.00 for the account to remain open. Winners agree to permit SESLOC CU to use their likeness in promotional or their materials. Membership in good standing required for all Credit Union benefits. See the Member Account Agreement and Disclosure and Fee Schedule for additional terms, conditions and fees that apply to your account. Refer to SESLOC CU Save to Win Savings Promotion Official Account and Prize Entry Rules for additional terms, conditions, eligibility and restrictions that may apply.