Summer Road Trip

7 Ways to Save on Your Summer Road Trip

June 28, 2024
by Team SESLOC

School is out and the summer sun is shining bright, calling families to hit the open road for new adventures! Whether you are planning a cross country trip or weekend getaway, you can make lasting memories without breaking the bank. Here are a few tips on how to not overspend on your summer road trip.

1. Check out your SESLOC Visa Signature credit card travel benefits.

Have our Visa Signature Rewards card? Take a look at the handy travel benefits1 it comes with, like concierge service2 that helps make travel arrangements, emergency roadside assistance, emergency travel assistance, and auto collision coverage when you rent a car.

2. Use Your Local Rewards Points

If you have a HomeFree Checking debit card or a Visa Signature Rewards credit card, you can use your points to make gas more affordable, redeem points for cash back3 for your big trip, or even save on travel accommodations. To learn more, visit

3. Plan Your Meals Wisely

It can be tempting to splurge on food and drinks. Plan ahead by choosing accommodations with kitchen facilities. You can even stop at a local grocery store on your route or bring your own snacks and beverages in a cooler. Preparing some of your meals instead of dining out for all of them can save you from spending hundreds.

4. Opt for Free and Low-Cost Activities

Many destinations offer walking tours, public parks, museums with discounted admission rates, or specific days when attractions offer reduced entry fees. Take advantage of natural wonders, public beaches, and hiking trails and engage with locals to discover hidden gems and receive insider tips on affordable attractions and events.

5. Find a fee-free ATM at your destination

SESLOC is part of the CO-OP network, giving you fee-free access to over 30,000 ATMs nationwide. Check out the ATM Finder to locate the nearest CO-OP ATM.

6. Save on Fuel

Make sure to maximize on your mileage. Before you hit the road, make certain your car is well-maintained. Utilize cruise control to help maintain a steady speed, reducing fuel consumption. When stopping for any reason, turn off the engine to avoid unnecessary fuel usage. And lastly, pack strategically to lighten your vehicle’s load. Extra weight decreases fuel efficiency.

7. Map Out Your Route

Make sure you use a GPS app to help you bypass any traffic or road closures and to take the shortest routes possibly. Not only does this save you time but saves you gas money as well.


1. Certain terms, conditions and exclusions apply. See a summary of Visa Signature® card benefitsand view the complete benefits guide.
2. SESLOC Visa Signature Rewards cardholders are responsible for the payment of any and all charges associated with any goods, services, reservations or bookings purchased or arranged by the Visa Signature Concierge on cardholders’ behalf. Any such purchases or arrangements are solely between the cardholder and the respective merchant, and Visa is not a party to the transaction. All goods and services subject to availability. See full terms of service at
3. ACH deposit may take up to ten (10) days to be applied, and statement credit may take up to two (2) billing cycles.

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