80 Things to Do With Your Time When You’ve Got EasyPay

May 20, 2022
by Team SESLOC

We know your time is valuable, so free it up with our EasyPay Online loan payment option. Whether you have an auto, credit card, or even a business loan, you can make your payment online without having to log into Online Banking. You can even set up recurring payments to ensure that your payments are made on time, every time. Best of all, all of our loan payment options are now fee-free.

EasyPay is just one of our convenient remote loan payment options, so if you’re already scheduled transfers in Online Banking or set up an electronic option from another financial institution, don’t worry, there’s no need to make any changes.

So, what should you do with your time now that you don’t have to go to the branch to pay your loan? In honor of our 80th anniversary, we’ve got 80 suggestions:

1. Cruise around a farmer’s market and pick up an ingredient you’ve never tried before.

2. Go for a walk around a local park.

3. Stay home and try a YouTube yoga class.

4. Finish that book you’re reading.

5. Head over to your favorite beach and enjoy the sunset.

6. Invite some friends over for a board game night.

7. Check out one of our many great local museums.

8. Hike to the top of Bishop’s Peak.

9. Kayak around Morro Bay estuary.

10. Check out an art gallery.

11. Go to a Monarch butterfly preserve.

12. Practice origami.

13. Learn something new — have you checked out our financial education webinars?

14. Work on a jigsaw puzzle.

15. Peep the meerkats at Charles Paddock Zoo.

16. Try making a new recipe for dinner.

17. Take up knitting.

18. Go to the theater for a new release.

19. Volunteer with your favorite nonprofit.

20. Clean out your closets and make a donation to a thrift store.

21. Sew that missing button back on your shirt.

22. Go to the library and pick up a new book.

23. Write a haiku.

24. Bake some cookies.

25. Call a friend or relative to catch up.

26. Go to a new business’ grand opening.

27. Karaoke time!

28. Support a SLO Blues baseball game.

29. Try a wine-tasting flight in the countryside.

30. Book a ziplining tour in Santa Margarita.

31. Visit a local brewery.

32. See if you can spot Hearst’s zebras.

33. Schedule an oil change for your car.

34. Change the batteries on your smoke and CO2 detectors.

35. Sketch some wildflowers.

36. Consider a whale-watching boat ride.

37. Do a crossword puzzle.

38. Follow a local business on social media.

39. Do a random act of kindness.

40. Take a free class online.

41. Start planning your holiday wish list and gifts to give.

42. Go horseback riding around Madonna Inn’s trails.

43. Try to figure out what Wordle is.

44. Personal dance party!

45. BBQ some tritip.

46. Go see if the elephant seals are hanging around.

47. Make some tea.

48. Have you tried axe throwing yet?

49. Find out what’s playing at the Mid-State Fair.

50. Invite someone to see a show at the Oceano Melodrama sometime.

51. Get a cake. Just because.

52. Go on a bike ride.

53. Clean out the inside of your car.

54. Find a place to enjoy some stargazing.

55. Pet a dog.

56. Find out how many squats you can do in three minutes.

57. Search online for a local ghost story to tell at your next campfire gathering.

58. Head to a golf course and practice your swing.

59. Enjoy the wild chickens in the Village of Arroyo Grande.

60. Soak in a hot springs in Paso or Avila.

61. Practice photography.

62. Support a youth car wash fundraiser.

63. Take a hot air balloon ride over a vineyard.

64. Wave at a cat.

65. Write a short story.

66. Buy a latte from a local coffee shop.

67. Peep some goats at Avila Barn.

68. Get a history lesson at Mission San Miguel, San Luis Obispo, or La Purisima.

69. Play an old video game.

70. Start a journal.

71. Go swimming.

72. Daycation — take a Central Coast road trip!

73. Try making your own ice cream.

74. Check out the Central Coast Aquarium.

75. Teach yourself a card trick.

76. Lie back on the grass to watch the clouds and let your imagination run wild.

77. Take a nap.

78. Mix up some fun summer fruit cocktails or mocktails.

79. Bake a showstopper dessert in under four hours.

80. Get some sidewalk chalk and turn your driveway into an artwork.

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