Biz OLB Users

Adding & Managing Users in Online Banking

February 21, 2023
by Team SESLOC

Create users in SESLOC Business Online Banking so your team can bank on your business’ behalf. Before you get started, you will need to define an appropriate role to manage what each user can or can not do. Learn how to create and manage roles here. 

The Manage Users tab in the main menu bar allows Business account holders to add authorized users to their Digital Banking account and select the accounts and functionality they can see when they log in. Authorized signers have the same access and control as the primary account holder on their accounts.


Add a Role

Roles are a group of permissions and limits that a business can allocate to a user. Roles determine the accounts that a user can access and the tasks they can perform for a business in Digital Banking. The Roles tab under Manage Users displays a list of the current roles created for a business. On the Roles tab, business account admins can edit existing roles and create new roles.

  1. Select Add a Role
  2. Enter a Name for the role
  3. Select the desired permissions for the new role, or check Select All Permissions if the new role requires full access.
  4. Select Create Role.

Add a New User

Please note that as a security measure, you will be prompted to complete a security validation whenever you add a new user.

  1. Select Add a New User on the Users tab.
  2. Follow the prompts to enter their details — first name, last name, email, and user name are required fields.
  3. Select Next.
  4. Assign a role from the dropdown.
  5. Select Next. 
  6.  Review the new user’s information and select Confirm (or select Back to make any corrections). 
  7. On the confirmation page, you can select Done to return to the Users page, View User to view the user’s details, or Add a New User to add another use to this account.

Edit of Delete a User

The Users tab on the Manage Users page displays a list of created authorized users. You can use the Search bar to search for a specific user, or select the Sort by icon to sort the search results alphabetically by last name. After adding a user, you may need to update their details, reset their password, or unlock them if they make too many password attempts or fail authentication. Click the View icon next to a user to access these features. 

  • Select Edit User Details to make changes to a user’s profile.
  • Select Reset Password to allow users to create a new password when they forget their current password.
  • When a user locks out their account, this activates the Unlock User button. Click Unlock User to unlock their account.
  • Select Delete User and follow the confirmation prompt to remove the authorized user from your Digital Banking account. 

Activity Log

The Activity Log page displays a user’s Digital Banking activities such as logins, logouts, and password resets, transfers and business ACH activity. On any user, select the Activity Log tab. You can search for specific activities in the search bar, or make a selection from the Filter by Device drop-down menu to filter the activities by the device on which the user accessed the system. When you click an activity, additional details appear such as the status, the device IP, the type of device, and the date and time the activity occurred.