Auto Buying Resources

Auto Buying Resources

November 29, 2021
by Team SESLOC

Buying a new (or new to you) car is exciting, but can also be a stressful experience. A car is a big purchase, and you’ll be handling your new ride for years to come — so you want to be sure you’re making an informed decision. Check out these resources to help you get moving:

Read Our First Time Buyer’s Guide

Before you head to the car lot, set yourself up for success by following the seven steps in our first-time car buyer’s guide.

Check Kelly Blue Book

Kelly Blue Book is an essential resource. Before you hit the car lot, look up valuation information and reviews for your prospective new car (and current car if you plan to trade it in) so you can be confident in your negotiations.

Compare Fuel Economy Guide is the official source for fuel economy information from the United States government and a handy resource for estimating and comparing the annual fuel cost of your prospective vehicles. Use the Compare Side-by-side tool to cars to see the difference in estimated fuel costs based on 15,000 annual miles with 45% highway driving and current fuel prices. A year’s worth of gas for a 2019 Honda Civic, for example, will cost about $1,550 compared to $1,050 for a 2021 Honda Accord Hybrid. You can also make personalized estimates based on your driving habits with the Save Money tool.

Check Our Rates

If you’re planning to finance your new ride, be sure to check out our loan rates.

Try Our Auto Loan Calculators

Loan calculators are handy for exploring what different purchase prices and potential loans would look like once you factor in sales tax, other fees, and your down payment so you can get a realistic idea of what you can afford before you start shopping. Once you have a car in mind, you can use the calculator to build a more accurate estimate ahead of your purchase.

Shop AutoSMART

With AutoSMART, you can shop online and get your SESLOC auto loan right at the dealership. AutoSmart makes finding your next car and financing that ride fast and convenient. Check it out today »

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