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Creating & Managing Roles in Online Banking

May 19, 2020
by Team SESLOC

Create roles in SESLOC Business Online Banking to manage your team’s ability to bank on your business’ behalf.

Adding Roles

From the Menu select Business Services, then User Roles. By default your profile will include two roles: Admin, which includes all Online Banking privileges, and View Only,* which allows users to view account balances and information. However, you can create custom roles tailored to your team’s needs:

1. Select Create Role.

2. Title the role (ex: Accountant, Managers).

3. Enter a description of the role.

4. Select the Overview tab to toggle access to the following services: Change Address, Check Reorder, Stop Payment, and Transfer-Internal. Note: By default access will be enabled.

5. Select the Features tab, and click on your preferred features to enable them. Enabled features will display a blue icon. Learn more about available features: 


      • Statement Image — Allows role to view all statements.
      • Manage Users — Allows role to set up new online banking users.
      • The following features apply to accounts with ACH and Wire services enabled.
        • Manage Templates — Allows role to manage ACH templates.
        • Manage Recipients — Allows role to manage ACH payees.
        • Can View All Recipients — Allows role to view all ACH payees.


      • Mobile Capture — Allows role ability to utilize mobile deposit.


      • Manage User Roles — Allows role to change/create user roles.
      • Information Reporting — Allows role to view all reports.
      • Manage Company Policy — Allows role to manage customer assigned permissions/limits.

System Values:

      • SubUser Access for Business Bill Pay — Allows role to pay bills through the bill payment system, to payees that are already established.
      • Admin Access for Business Bill Pay — Allows role to add payees to the bill payment system.

6. Select the Accounts tab to view all accounts associated with your Business Membership (ex: Business Shares, Business Checking, etc). For each account, you can enable or restrict the ability to do transactions by toggling the options to View, Deposit, or Withdrawal.

7. Click Save at the top of the page to finalize the role.

8. Add or manage users to assign the role.

*this role template may not be available by default but can be created at any time. If you need assistance with this setup process please contact SESLOC Business Services as 805-543-1816 ext. 578

Managing Roles

Users assigned as Admin or Custom Role with Manager User Roles enabled can manage roles from the User Roles landing page.

  • Copy an existing role as a template to quickly create a new role.
  • Edit a role by selecting the Pencil icon. Make your changes, and click Save at the top of the page.
  • Delete a role by selecting the Trash can icon. Verify that any assigned User’s are reassigned a role prior to deleting or they will be unable to log in.


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