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Education Grants Continue to Support Learning Through the Pandemic

July 28, 2021
by Team SESLOC

The pandemic forced schools to shift learning from in-person, to remote, to back again — or in some cases, a combination of both. As local teachers adapted their lesson plans to face these unique challenges, SESLOC Education Grants provided funding to support innovation and expand supplies. Here’s how a few teachers recently used grants:

Paso Robles Independent Study Center teacher Stormy Capalare bought butterfly and praying mantis lifecycle kits to give her students a hands-on science lesson.

Maple High School teacher Matt Makowetski used a grant to support Maple High School seniors as they work with special needs children at Project Surf Camp and continue their semester-long exploration of what makes life meaningful.

Orcutt Academy High School teacher Sydney Culbara bought supplies for a unit on ceramics.

Alvin Elementary School T-K teacher Leah Tremper bought flashcards and other hands-on materials to enhance her distance-learning curriculum.

Atascadero Fine Arts Academy music teacher Beth Klemm increased her supply of rhythm instruments so students could safely practice.

Cuesta College for Kids teachers Richard Fusillo, Linda Wilson, Amanda Shere, and Marcia Harvey, used grant funds to purchase photography supplies for a hands-on darkroom experience, cooking class equipment, electricity exploration supplies, and art supplies for a student mural and “field guide” to campus flora and fauna.

With our roots as a credit union for San Luis Obispo county educators, SESLOC has a strong commitment to education. Whever learning occurs, we support creativity and innovation through our Education Grants program. In 2020, SESLOC reached a milestone, surpassing $100,000 in education grants awarded since launching the program in 2013.

Pre-K through 12th grade teachers and directors of enrichment programs at accredited schools within San Luis Obispo and Northern Santa Barbara Counties are invited to apply for grants up to $500 to fund special projects and expand classroom resources.

SESLOC supports our community. Help us support local schools by sharing the grant application with Central Coast teachers or applying today.


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