Frequently Asked Questions About Vehicle Loans & the DMV

July 2, 2020
by Team SESLOC

If you’ve just got a new car loan, or are about to make your final payment, you might have some questions about your vehicle’s registration and title. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

I paid off my loan. How long until I receive my title?

We release titles within 10 days after the loan has been paid and closed. It typically takes 4-6 weeks for  you to receive it in the mail from the DMV. Titles are typically held electronically, but if SESLOC holds your paper title, we will mail it and it should arrive within 7-10 business days.

What if I paid off my loan and haven’t received my title?

Typically, titles are held electronically and will be printed and sent to the address that the DMV has in their records. If you moved and did not update your address with DMV, then the title went to your previous address. You will need to apply for a duplicate/lost title with the DMV.

What if I have not moved away and have yet to receive my title?

It’s possible there was an error when the DMV tried to release the title. Contact us at (805) 543-1816 and we can assist.

How do I sell my car without having the title to give to the buyer?

You will have to pay off your vehicle loan before we can release the title. We recommend contacting us at least two weeks notice ahead of the sale to let us know so we can order it and have it ready for you at SESLOC. If you pay off your loan in cash, we can provide the title immediately. If you pay with a check (including cashier’s check), the title will be released after 10 days.

If I moved out of state, how can I get my title to register my vehicle?

Most states require the original title in order for you to obtain registration. Please provide a written request from the out-of-state DMV containing instructions on where to send documents to, the request can be sent to [email protected] for assistance. Please note that we will not release the title if it’s still being financed and will be directly forwarded to the out-of-state DMV. Lastly, if the loan is delinquent, we will not release it to the out-of-state DMV until the loan is brought current.

There was a $15 deposit into my account. What is it for?

If you financed your loan, we will refund the $15 DMV transfer fee into your share account if your previous lender has automatically assigned SESLOC on as lienholder.

I bought a car through a private party and the seller received the registration. What is going on??

The seller financed the vehicle and SESLOC paid off the original lender to obtain the title when we did your loan. If the original lender held an electronic title, they electronically release their lien to SESLOC. Any time there is change in ownership, in this case, a lienholder change, the DMV automatically generates a new registration reflecting the new lienholder. The registration will go to the prior owner because we have not completed the transfer yet. Once we receive the physical title, we submit the rest of the paperwork to DMV to complete the transfer of ownership.

What can SESLOC provide me to prove I’m the owner of my vehicle?

Your vehicle registration is proof of ownership. If you need a replacement, you must apply at the DMV.



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