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GreenPath Debt Management Plans Reduced Member Debt by 34% in 2021

February 1, 2022
by Team SESLOC

We partner with GreenPath Financial Wellness to offer unbiased, empathetic, one-on-one financial advisement to our members. GreenPath’s certified credit counselors offer free assistance with budgeting, general financial wellness, debt counseling, foreclosure prevention and support, and student loan payment.

GreenPath also offers a Debt Management Program where they negotiate with creditors on behalf of members enrolled in the program to reduce interest rates and help them repay debts faster. In 2021, GreenPath’s certified counselors assisted 8 SESLOC members with a combined $161,488 in debt pay off $55,656 through the program — that’s a reduction of outstanding debt by 34% in under a year!

“Whether you have a quick question or a more complex situation to discuss, you’ll find GreenPath counselors can help.” Carla Swift, SESLOC Assistant Vice President of Education & Service Management, explains, “In a time when fraud seems everywhere, you can feel confident that you’re getting honest and accurate information when you call GreenPath.”

In addition, GreenPath offers financial guidance for people navigating everyday life changes, such as a marriage, new baby, or new home,* as well as informative webinars and educational articles. Learn more about how GreenPath can help you plan and meet your financial goals today.


*GreenPath is a HUD-certified housing counseling agency.

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