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Online Banking Basics

January 16, 2019
by Team SESLOC

Here are some tips and tools for making the most out of your Online Banking Experience:

Access Support

Need help, or have a question about a transaction? Online Banking offers a direct line to our Contact Center for support. Select Contact Us in the menu. Work with a representative in real time with Live Chat, available during business hours. You can send a message through the Message Center any time, and a representative will respond as soon as possible.

Customize Your Accounts Dashboard

When you log into Online Banking, you’ll be directed to the Accounts Dashboard which displays all of your accounts and your Assets Summary.

  • If you click and hold an Account Tile, you’ll notice you’ll be able to drag it around. You can reorganize the order of your tiles, or create separate groups to house common tiles like loans or saving accounts. You can change the name of your groups by clicking on the pencil icon.
  • You can give a nickname to a specific account to make it easier to navigate in Online Banking. Click on Settingschoose Account Preferencesand click on an account. Under Details, you’ll see a field called Online Display Name where you can type in your preferred name. Please note that nickname will not appear on your statements.
  • You can also hide an account from the Accounts Dashboard. Click on Settings, choose Account Preferences, and click on an account. Under Detailsyou’ll see an option called Visibility. Toggling this off will remove it from the dashboard, but you can still view and manage it from the Hidden group at the bottom of Account Preferences and it will not affect your statement. Toggling Visibility back on will return the account to its group on the dashboard.

Search Transactions

Online Banking provides search and filter tools so you can easily find specific transactions in your history. Click on an Account Tile to display that account’s transaction history. You can type in the search bar to display specific transactions, such as those for a certain store of service. The Filters option allows you to search within a specific time frame or by check number.

Secure Access Code

The first time you log on you will be asked to enter a Secure Access Code, which will be delivered through your choice of text or phone call. After you enter it you can elect to register your browser to skip this step for future visits. You will be asked to enter a code again if you clear the cookies on a registered browser, log in through a new unregistered browser, or log in on a different IP Address (note: some home internet providers use multiple IP Addresses). 

Setting Up Alerts

Set up alerts by opening Services in the menu and clicking on Alerts

  • Check your settings for History Alerts, Online Transaction Alertsand Security Alerts. On Security Alerts click the Delivery Preferences option to confirm or edit the email or phone number you would like to receive alerts.
  • Create custom Date, Account, Historyor Online Transaction Alerts. Click the New Alert drop-down in the top right corner and select the category. Select your customization, and set your alert to be sent via Online Banking Secure Message, email, phone, or text. You can edit or cancel custom alerts saved to your Alerts dashboard at anytime.

Quick Transfers

The Transfer Funds option in the menu allows you to make transfers between your accounts, transfer money to another SESLOC member, pay your loan, or transfer money to an external account. 

You can also make a Quick Transfer on the Accounts Dashboard by clicking on the Options Icon (three vertical dots) on an Account Tile. Select the account you want to transfer money to, enter the amount, and select Transfer Funds to submit. Selecting Advanced Options will direct you to the main Transfer Funds form where you can schedule the transfer to occur on a specific date or add a memo.

Why Did I Get Locked Out?

As a security measure to protect your personal information, Online Banking requires password authentication and a Secure Access Code. Multiple incorrect password attempts or declining a Secure Access Code will result in your account being locked as a preventative measure against fraudulent activity. If your account is locked, please call the Contact Center at (805) 543-1816 or visit a branch for assistance. 

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