Online Banking Basics

Online Banking Basics

February 21, 2023
by Team SESLOC

Here are some tips and tools for making the most out of your Online Banking Experience:

Access Support

Need help with your account or have a question? Try the Secure Message Center by selecting the envelope icon in the Online Banking menu bar, or Live Chat, by selecting the speech bubble icon.

Menu Bar


Customize Your Accounts Dashboard

Your accounts dashboard lists your accounts and loans on the left side of the screen and financial widgets on the right. Select the pencil icon next to the Dashboard module on the left side of the screen to customize your dashboard. Select the eye icon to hide or unhide your dashboard tiles, accounts and widgets, like Financial Wellness Tools. Select the 6-dot icon to drag and rearrange your tiles and accounts. Select Save to confirm your settings. 

You can give your accounts nicknames (like Vacation Fund) to make it easier to navigate. Simply select the account from the dashboard, select the Details tab, and scroll down to Account Nickname. Select the pencil icon to edit.


eStatements, Notices & Documents

Reduce clutter and protect your account by going paperless with eStatements. Select More Options and then Documents & Statements from the Main Menu Bar. On this screen, you can access eStatements, Tax Forms and Notices, and Loan Statements. You can opt in or out of electronic or paper versions of these statements by selecting the Preferences tab and making your elections.  To view a document, select it — you can even download it as a PDF or print it for your records. Documents and Statements are archived for 24 months in Digital Banking.


Search Transactions

Select an account from the dashboard. On the Activity tab, use the search bar to find specific transactions, or select the Sort & Filter icon to search for specific criteria.


Security Verification Code

The first time you log on you will be asked to enter a verification code, which will be delivered through your choice of text or phone call. You may also be asked to enter a code when accessing certain features, such as linking an external financial institution for transfers and loan payments 


Setting Up Alerts

Select More Options and then Alerts from the Main Menu Bar. The Subscription Alerts tab manages alerts for account activity:

1. Toggle each alert type on or off

2. Select the notification to set up your preferences and how you would like to be notified (text, email, and/or push notification on mobile):

  • Balance Alerts send you a notification when your balance drops below or above your desired threshold for your selected account.
  • Balance Summary Alerts update you on your account’s balance at a recurring time of your choosing.
  • Check Cleared Alerts let you know when checks written off your checking account have been processed.
  • Loan Due Alerts allow you to get a heads-up a few days before your loan is due.
  • Log In Alerts offer peace of mind by notifying you every time your account is logged into.
  • Transaction Alerts notify you of any withdrawal or deposit activity. Or, you can customize the notifications to only alert you during certain criteria.
  • Transfer Alerts notify you of any internal and/or external transfers.

3. To set up alerts for multiple accounts where applicable, simply click +Add another account to this notification. 

4. Select save to confirm your alert.

The Security Alerts tab allows you to choose how you would like to be notified of suspicious activity. Please note that security alerts cannot be completely disabled.

The Alert History tab logs all of the notifications you receive in case you would like to go back and review.


View Check Images

You can view check images in Online Banking. Checks related to transactions will be displayed in your transaction list. Simply select the associated account on your dashboard, find the transaction in the Activity tab, and select it to expand details and view the check image. Mobile check deposits will be posted in the History tab of Deposits — simply select the transaction to expand details and view the check image.






Check Image Mockup






Why Did I Get Locked Out?

As a security measure to protect your personal information, Online Banking requires password authentication and a security verification code. Multiple incorrect password attempts or declining a code will result in your account being locked as a preventative measure against fraudulent activity. If your account is locked, please call the Contact Center at (805) 543-1816 or visit a branch for assistance.