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SESLOC Cares for Community Award: Margot Olivarria

April 29, 2024
by Team SESLOC

We’re partnering with News Channel 12 to honor nonprofit volunteers who make our community thrive. Each month, we’re choosing a different nonprofit and asking them to select a valuable volunteer to receive the SESLOC Cares for Community Award. We are thrilled to introduce our latest recipient, Margot Olivarria, from Shoes for Students.

Margot Olivarria, fondly known as Mrs. O, has tirelessly advocated for children and families in the Santa Maria-Bonita School District for more than four decades.

Margot’s dedication extends to students lives outside of school; she volunteers with shoes for students, ensuring children have the necessities to thrive. She additionally helps families with essential resources from housing to healthcare.

Margot, your selfless contributions have woven a tapestry of hope and resilience in our community. Congratulations on being chosen as the recipient of the SESLOC Cares for Community Award!

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