SESLOC Spotlight: KCBX Radio

May 26, 2020
by Team SESLOC

SESLOC Spotlight highlights local organizations that make the Central Coast the best place to live.

Today we’re shining the spotlight on KCBX Central Coast Radio. This nonprofit has entertained and informed our community 45 years. Frank Lanzone, KCBX President, showcases this important cultural resource:

KCBX Central Coast Radio

Industry: Nonprofit

Serving the Central Coast since: 1975

How many employees? 14

How many volunteers? 30 radio station hosts, 500+ for the annual Live Oak Music Festival

What’s your mission? KCBX is a cultural resource that exists to enlighten and enrich the quality of life for its listeners and users, especially on the Central Coast of California. KCBX strives to serve listeners and users with interests in news, public affairs, and alternative musical arts, and encourages an interest in and appreciation of fine arts and local, national and global issues. KCBX puts its community in touch with the world.

What’s unique about KCBX? Much of our programming is produced and hosted by volunteers with expertise in various styles of music. KCBX receives most of our income from individual contributions, and per capita, our community support is on a par with large stations serving larger metropolitan areas.

As part of the emergency broadcast system, KCBX is monitored by other radio stations in our area to receive emergency information disseminated by local, regional, State and Federal government sources.

KCBX also presents the Live Oak Music Festival. Our 32nd festival would have been held this June, but has been postponed until June 2021. Instead, we’re hosting a festival on the radio from June 19th to the 21st. It will be an audio-only experience with archived Live Oak Music Festival recordings mixed with live performances from local musicians.

What do you attribute to your success? We listen to and are responsive to the needs of the communities that we serve. KCBX presents more local content than most other media outlets.

What advice would you give someone interested in supporting your mission? Give us a call if interested in sponsoring any of our programs, or go to



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