Private Party Purchase

What to Know About Private Party Auto Loans

June 10, 2020
by Team SESLOC

If you’re planning to buy a car directly from a seller, you might be interested to know that SESLOC can finance your purchase — just like if you were buying from a dealership. This arrangement is called a private party sale, and this is what you can expect:

  1. Apply for your loan online, at a branch, or over the phone by calling us at (805) 543-1816.
  2. A Member Services Representative will work with you to determine which loan product best fits your needs.
  3. Once approved, you will need to approve the following documentation:
    • Copy of current registration
    • Proof of auto insurance
    • Copy of title or a 10-day payoff from lien holder if currently financed
    • Smog certificate completed within 90 days, if applicable
    • Additional DMV forms may be required for unique situations
  4. Our Loan Processors will prepare your loan for signing.
  5. You will sign your loan documents at the branch, and the seller must be present to sign the DMV forms.
  6. Your loan will be funded and our DMV Representative will process the sale with the DMV.
  7. The DMV will send you your registration within 4-6 weeks.


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