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Frequently Asked Questions About Local Rewards

April 15, 2022
by Team SESLOC

We’re pleased to announce our brand new Local Rewards¹ program — a celebration of local businesses that make our beautiful community so special. Local Rewards is part of SESLOC Rewards², where members earn points on eligible card purchases. Check out the most frequently asked questions about the program below:

What is the SESLOC Local Rewards program?

With SESLOC Rewards, members earn points on eligible debit or credit card purchases. Points are then redeemed at seslocrewards.org for travel, sporting goods, electronics, gift cards and more. Local Rewards is an add-on to our current SESLOC Rewards program. With Local Rewards, members will earn 1.5x in bonus points on eligible debit and credit card purchases at participating local businesses. In essence, Local Rewards points are SESLOC Rewards points.

How does Local Rewards work?

It’s simple! Choose to spend where you earn more. Use your eligible debit and credit cards participating  businesses to make purchases. The bonus points earned through Local Rewards will post exactly the same as SESLOC Rewards do today. Points can then be redeemed at seslocrewards.org. You may view the list of participating businesses at sesloc.org/local-rewards.

Which SESLOC Visa cards are eligible?

The SESLOC Rewards program allows members to earn points on their HomeFREE Checking™ debit card and/or their Visa Signature® Rewards credit card purchases. SESLOC is one of the only financial institutions — not just locally, but nationally — that offers points for debit card purchases. If you have both cards, points will be automatically combined under one account in seslocrewards.org.

How much is 1.5x in bonus points?

Please see our handy points calculation chart on our SESLOC Rewards page. Points earned vary per type of Visa card, transaction type and for everyday purchases vs. Local Rewards purchases.

How did you select the participating businesses? Will you add more?

To launch the Local Rewards program, we selected businesses that our members already frequent to give them even more reason to shop local. We are planning to expand the program to add more businesses all across the Central Coast. If you have and idea of where you love to shop locally, please send us a suggestion using this form.

I own a local business and would like to participate. Who do I contact?

Wonderful! You may use the form on our website to nominate your business. 

Are my points for Local Rewards added to my SESLOC Rewards points?

In essence, Local Rewards points are SESLOC Rewards points. If a cardholder is the primary on a SESLOC membership, the rewards points earned for purchases will be aggregated for a combined total.

When will my points be available from Local Rewards purchases?

Local Rewards points may take up to 10 days after the transaction posts to your SESLOC Rewards account before you can redeem them. Points earned from other purchases may take more or less time. Please see the SESLOC Rewards terms and conditions for complete details.

Is there a cap on the number of SESLOC Rewards points I can earn?

Nope! There is no limit on the number of SESLOC Rewards or Local Rewards points that a cardholder can earn on purchases.

Do the SESLOC Rewards points expire?

Points will expire on the last day of the month, three (3) years after the date of issuance.

May I cash out my SESLOC Rewards points for money?

You may redeem your points as cash back at seslocrewards.org as a deposit to your checking account or a statement credit for your rewards card. Otherwise, points cannot be bought, sold, or transferred in any way.

May I redeem my SESLOC Rewards points more than once per day?

Yes. If you have accumulated enough points, you may be notified that you have points available. A cardholder’s account must remain in good standing to redeem points.

How do I see how many SESLOC Rewards points I’ve earned?

It’s simple! Register or log in at seslocrewards.org. Or, log in to Online Banking.


1. Local Rewards bonus points are earned on purchases made at participating Local Businesses only. Participating Local Businesses (“merchants”) are subject to change at any time without notice. Participation in Local Rewards does not constitute an endorsement on the part of either the merchant or SESLOC Federal Credit Union. Purchases made at participating merchants processed through third-party services (e.g. DoorDash, Grub Hub, Uber Eats ect.) may not qualify for bonus points under Local Rewards. Local Rewards is part of the SESLOC Rewards program; see seslocrewards.org for complete terms, conditions, restrictions and eligibility that apply. For any questions regarding Local Rewards, contact SESLOC Federal Credit Union.
2. The SESLOC Rewards program (“Program”) is a service provided by SESLOC Federal Credit Union (“Sponsor”) and managed by ampliFI Loyalty Solutions, LLC (“Administrator”). Participation in the Program is exclusive to those who have a current HomeFREE CheckingTM debit card or a SESLOC Visa Signature® Rewards credit card issued by the Sponsor. There is no pre-registration required. By making eligible transactions with a HomeFREE Checking account debit card and the SESLOC Visa Signature Rewards credit card, the cardholder is accepting the terms and conditions of the Program. See seslocrewards.org for Program terms and conditions. You retain the option to utilize these services as long as you are a HomeFREE Checking or SESLOC Visa Signature Rewards cardholder. Subject to terms and conditions. Sponsor and Administrator reserves the right to modify, expand, discontinue, or retire any part of the program at any time.


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