Hooverville Blues

Students Take Center Stage With Education Grants

September 30, 2019
by Team SESLOC

Have you ever received a standing ovation for a play you wrote? Thanks to SESLOC Education Grants, local students experienced just that — and more.

Here’s how three teachers used grants to make education something to celebrate:

Bellevue-Santa Fe Charter School teacher Erica Luhn wanted to make a history lesson on the Great Depression something to remember. She produced Hooverville Blues, a melodrama researched, written, and performed by the San Luis Obispo school’s fourth and fifth grade students. The grant helped fund supplies for designing costumes, building props, and creating a program that highlighted key historical facts.

Maple Continuation High School teacher Mat Makowetski asked his students about the meaning of life, and it turned into a semester-long project. With the help of a grant, the project concluded with a volunteer day for the Lompoc based students at Project Camp Surf in Morro Bay, where they helped children with special needs have the experience of a lifetime. It was a hit with the students and the children they mentored. “I really hope I was able to change the lives of our campers because they certainly are helping change mine,” one student reflected on the day.

Fairgrove Elementary School teacher Whitney B. Whitney understands how important comfort is to learning. When students are comfortable, they are calm, focused, and more productive. With the help of a grant, she was able to integrate flexible seating into her Grover Beach classroom to give students a choice over their learning environment — and boost their engagement.

Thank you to Erica, Mat, and Whitney for going above and beyond for their students!

SESLOC believes that a healthy community is one in which education thrives, which is why we’re proud to support classroom projects that would be impossible without outside funding.

Pre-K through 12th grade teachers and directors of enrichment programs at accredited schools within San Luis Obispo and Northern Santa Barbara Counties are invited to apply for grants up to $500 to fund special projects and expand classroom resources. We awarded $20,000 in Education Grants during the 2018-2019 school year.

SESLOC supports our community. Help us support local schools by sharing the grant application with Central Coast teachers or applying today.

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