Managing Your Cards

Manage Your Cards in Digital Banking

February 10, 2023
by Team SESLOC

Card Services is a handy feature in Online Banking that allows you to easily manage your SESLOC credit or debit cards anytime, anywhere.  From your accounts dashboard, simply click the associated checking or credit account and select the Card Services tab to access these options:

Card is Locked/Unlocked: Misplaced your card? Lock it with the toggle button to instantly block new purchases and cash advances, while allowing recurring transactions, payments, balance transfers and credits to continue without disruption. Simply unlock your card and it’s ready for use again.

Request a New Card: Save a trip to the branch and request a new card.

Report Card Lost/Stolen: Instantly make a report that your card is lost, stolen, or that someone used your card without your knowledge.

Travel Notices: Set up and manage travel notices to help us more accurately monitor for suspicious or fraudulent activity.