Share Certificates

Manage Your Share Certificates in Online Banking

February 14, 2023
by Team SESLOC

Can I open a new certificate in Online Banking?

Yes — select Open an Account in the main menu bar. This will open the account opening menu in a new window. Simply select the Certificates tab and make your selection.

Can I transfer money into my certificate in Online Banking?

Save to Win and Building Block Certificates allow you to add funds at any time. Select Make a Transfer from the main menu bar, and choose the certificate from the dropdown for the account you wish to transfer money to.  

Why is my certificate's Current Balance different than the Available Balance?

Current Balance

The Current Balance will display the full value of your Share Certificate. The Available Balance does not include the initial deposit required to open the certificate. In the example above, the Available Blanace displays as $25 less than the Current Balance because $25 is the initial deposit for a Sace to Win Certificate. At certificate maturity, you will receive the full value if you chose to withdraw.

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