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MEMBER ADVISORY: Beware of Caller ID Scams

September 9, 2022
by Team SESLOC

Members have recently reported receiving fake phone calls from SESLOC.

SESLOC members have reported receiving multiple phone calls from SESLOC’s phone number, which is (805) 543-1816. The callers are stating there is fraudulent activity on the member’s account(s) and that they need information such as PINs, passwords, security codes, card numbers, Social Security Numbers, or personal identifying information to remedy the situation.

This is a Caller ID Scam where the caller deliberately falsifies the number transmitted to your caller ID display to disguise their identity. The attackers are attempting to get confidential or personal information which would later be used in financial fraud or identity theft.

SESLOC will never call, email or text you and request confidential or personal information. If you feel a phone call is suspicious, hang up immediately and do not answer again.

You may also:
  • Call SESLOC at (805) 543-1816 by dialing the number on your keypad—not by clicking on the call in your call log history—and report the incident. Notifying us helps us keep tabs on suspicious activity, whereas we may notify members like you to help prevent future attacks.
  • Report a suspicious phone call, email, text or pop-up ad to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at
  • Stay prepared. See the FTC’s tips for recognizing and avoiding caller ID scams. 
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