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SESLOC Cares for Community Award: Susan George

November 6, 2023
by Team SESLOC

We’re partnering with News Channel 12 to honor nonprofit volunteers who make our community thrive. Each month, we’re choosing a different nonprofit and asking them to select a valuable volunteer to receive the SESLOC Cares for Community Award. We are thrilled to introduce our latest recipient, Susan George, from the Family Care Network.

Susan George, a true inspiration. Upon arriving on the Central Coast she stumbled upon “Miracle Miles for Kids” and reached out to Family Care Network to find out more.

Since 2006, Susan has been a devoted volunteer. She’s done it all, from cooking for holiday parties to serving food and being a bus monitor. Susan shares that Family Care Network is appreciative of their volunteers and makes them all feel like family.

Congratulations, Susan, for being chosen the SESLOC Cares for Community award recipient!

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