80th Anniversary

SESLOC Donates $40,000 to Local Nonprofits to Honor 80th Anniversary

April 3, 2023
by Team SESLOC

We donated $40,000 to 80 local nonprofits in celebration of our 80th anniversary in 2022. Throughout the year-long celebration, our amazing staff nominated their favorite organizations to receive a $500 donation — a nod to the amount the credit union was founded with in 1942.

Recipients across the Central Coast support their communities in a variety of ways, addressing needs for the underserved, supporting children with special needs, providing artistic and educational opportunities for our youth, preserving the environment, and more. Organizations awarded include the SLO Noor Foundation, Boys & Girls Club of the Mid Central Coast, and VTC Enterprises in Santa Maria.

“As we reflect on our legacy as the longest established not-for-profit financial institution on the Central Coast, celebrating our story means championing the passionate people dedicated to improving and enriching our communities,” says Geri LaChance, President & CEO. “These donations help support their missions to make the Central Coast one of the best places to live.”

We also celebrated the milestone by surprising their members with pop-up surprise giveaways each month, as well as committing to 80 acts to build a more sustainable community for generations to come. Over the course of the year, employees saved a whopping 25 tons of carbon dioxide from entering the air by adopting alternative commuting methods, and enhanced digital services so their members could more easily manage their finances remotely, which reduces their own carbon footprint.

The celebration recently concluded with the 80th Annual Meeting of Members held on March 21. During the meeting, SESLOC’s Board of Directors and leadership team shared accomplishments and financial information with their membership, emphasizing the credit union industry’s commitment to transparency in banking.

“For our entire 80-year history, SESLOC has received the highest rating for safety and soundness from our federal regulator, National Credit Union Administration,” Geri continues. “Because we are owned by our loyal members, we are not subject to the big-profit pressures from investors or stockholders, unlike many banks. The Annual Meeting is an important part of that — we open our doors and connect with our member-owners to prove our dedication to serving their financial needs.”

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