SESLOC’s 10 Steps to Protect Members with Cybersecurity

July 8, 2024
by Team SESLOC

You may hear of cyberattacks throughout the news and think it may never happen to you but cyberattacks can happen to anyone and any business. Knowing the severity a cyberattack can create for members, SESLOC has and continues to improve its defenses against cybercriminals. Listed below are 10 ways that SESLOC works to provide the best protection for their members.

What is SESLOC doing to protect members?

1. SESLOC performs Business Continuity tests annually via a simulated cybersecurity attack. This process enables each business unit to go through a documented process of handling an event such as this. We understand each incident is unique, but this annual test provides us a valuable framework to identify any gaps and address them.

2. SESLOC has an intrusion audit performed on an annual basis to evaluate our technology security posture and cyber incident readiness. While we have had positive results from these audits in the past, we continue to be diligent about improving our security.

3. SESLOC works with a third-party cybersecurity forensic team who would be partnering with us in the event of an attack.

4. SESLOC also trains and reiterates frequently to SESLOC employees the importance of taking their time with emails and not clicking on links that they are unsure of. Note that at any time, employees are encouraged to reach out to IT Security if they are unsure of an email, its source and its content.

5. SESLOC digital eStatements and documents are securely encrypted, convenient and archived in Online Banking for 24 months. Going paperless means sensitive information is being delivered directly to the member, instead of potentially being stolen out of a mailbox.

6. SESLOC Online Banking uses an encrypted connection between a member’s device and the system.

7. Online Banking enrollment requires key information to match, plus confirmation to a telephone number already on file with SESLOC.

8. Multifactor authentication is required when using Online Banking, as well as a Secure Access Code when accessing on a new or unregistered browser.

9. SESLOC protects members against unauthorized withdrawals from their account. We encourage members to review their transactions and statements frequently, and report anything unusual right away. The sooner we know, the sooner we can protect you and stop any losses.

10. SESLOC provides informational webinars, blogs and resources to educate members about cybersecurity best practices for prevention and staying safe online.