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Transferring Funds From a Different Financial Institution

September 5, 2019
by Team SESLOC

SESLOC makes it easy to transfer money to and from other domestic (U.S.) financial institutions. First, you’ll need to link the external account(s), which can be done through Online Banking or the Mobile App.

Adding an External Account

  1. Expand the Transfer Funds option in the menu.
  2. Select Add External Account.
  3. Enter the other institution’s account number in the form.
  4. Select the account type (checking or saving).
  5. Enter the other institution’s routing number.
  6. Click Continue to verify.
  7. Within 5 business days the external account will receive 2 pending micro deposits under $1. Please note that micro deposits are only valid for a few days. After this time, the verification process expires and you will need to restart the verification process.
  8. Expand the Transfer Funds option in the menu.
  9. Select Verify External Account.
  10. Enter the amounts of the micro transactions to confirm the verification.

Transferring To or From an External Account

  1. Expand the Transfer Funds option in the menu.
  2. Select Between Accounts.
  3. Verified external accounts will be available in the Select From Account and Select To Account drop-downs as External | External [type] [account number]. For your convenience, you can give these accounts a nicknameto make it easier to navigate.
  4. Complete the form and select Transfer Funds to confirm.

Transfer Limits Apply: For transfers to another financial institution, the maximum daily transfer is up to $3,000 aggregate in funds per membership. A monthly limit of $10,000 also applies. This means that when a transfer is received, we add all your external transfers during the past 29 days to determine your limit for the current day.

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