Update Contact Info

Updating Your Contact Info in Online Banking

February 21, 2023
by Team SESLOC

Moving or getting a new phone number? You can update your contact information in Online Banking. It’s critical to make sure we have your current contact information to ensure you get your statements, security and fraud notices, account change notices, new debit or credit cards, and more in a safe, timely manner.

Update Contact Information in Online Banking

Updating contact information will communicate with our core system to update the contact information the Credit Union uses to communicate with you about your account. 

  1. Select User Settings in the Main Menu bar.
  2. Select Profile.
  3. Update emails and phone numbers on the Personal Details tab and addresses on the Address Tab — you can even set a temporary address.
  4. Click Save Changes to save.

Note for Business Accounts: Only the primary admin can update contact information.

Update Your Address or Phone With Docusign

You can also update your information remotely using our handy Address & Phone Change Docusign form.