Mobile deposits

3 Reasons to Go Contactless With Mobile Deposits

February 21, 2023
by Team SESLOC

You may be aware that mobile check deposits are secure and convenient — but are you aware of these other handy benefits?

It’s Completely Contactless

You can make deposits from the comfort of your couch or on the go, saving you a trip to the branch — all you need is an Apple or Android mobile device with the SESLOC app. Simply follow the prompts in the app to take a picture of the front and back of the check and hit submit. Making a mobile deposit is secure because the mobile app uses encryption to protect your information.

It’s Quick*

Deposits are registered immediately, 24/7, and funds will be made available within a few minutes.* 

Please note there is a maximum daily mobile deposit limit of $10,000. The limit indicator on the Deposit Check Screen indicates how much of the daily limit you have available after depositing checks. If the deposit limit is reached, the check will be denied at the time you attempt to make the mobile deposit.

Your Records Are Updated Instantly With a Receipt of Your Deposit

Your mobile deposits generate an instant record in your Digital Banking Account. As soon as you submit your deposit to be accepted, you’ll receive a confirmation message and email to the address we have on file. You can also view your transaction by selecting Deposits in the menu, and the History tab, as well as selecting the transaction history within the account you deposited the check to. If your deposit is rejected, you will receive a notification with an explanation. Additionally, you are able to retain the physical check (we recommend to keep it for 14 days), which is handy in the event that there is an issue.

More Ways to Embrace Contactless

SESLOC offers additional tools and services so you can bank on your own schedule:

*Please see complete terms and conditions of the Mobile Deposit service in the Online Banking and Mobile Banking Agreement & Disclosure.