SESLOC Rewards for Recent Grads

10 SESLOC Rewards for Recent Grads

June 2, 2021
by Team SESLOC

Whether you’re wearing your cap and gown to pick up your high school diploma or college degree, you can redeem your SESLOC HomeFREE Checking™ debit card and Visa Signature® Rewards card points for gift cards and merchandise to help you start your next chapter. Check out the top 10 SESLOC Rewards for recent grads.*

Not registered? Head over to SESLOC Rewards to register your HomeFREE Checking debit card today. Or, apply for the Visa Signature Rewards credit card for another way to earn points on purchases.** The best part? Your debit and credit card reward points are automatically combined under one account, increasing your redemption power. More points = more rewards!

1. MacBook Pro

Upgrade your laptop for college classes or to launch your career.

MacBook Pro

2. Samsonite Xenon 3 Slim Backpack

Stay organized from campus to commute with this fashionable everyday bag.

Samsonite Xenon 3 Slim Backpack

3. Otterbox Mobile Charging Kit

Slim and convenient portable charger so you can stay powered on long days.

Otterbox Mobile Charging Kit

4. Starbucks Gift Card

To cover treats and pick-me-ups.

Starbucks Gift Card

5. Target Gift Card

They really do have everything…

Target Gift Card

6. Shell Gift Card

Cover your next tank of gas.

Shell Gift Card

7. Luna Weighted Blanket

Wake up well-rested after a night with a weighted blanket.

Luna Weighted Blanket

8. Philips Wake-Up Light with Sunrise Simulation

Start your morning with this alarm, which uses a unique combination of light and sound to wake you in a more natural way, so you feel more refreshed.

Philips Wake-Up Light with Sunrise Simulation

9. Amana Mini Fridge

Living in the dorms or in an apartment with roommates? Secure your food with an Energy Star-rated mini-fridge.

Amana Mini Fridge

10. Honewell Low Profile Steel Security Safe

Everyone needs a way to secure important documents and valuables.


*Just turned 18? Call us at (805) 543-1816 to ensure you’re enrolled and earning points. 

**See rates, terms and conditions at

Reward options subject to change without notice. Please visit for the latest options.

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