Summer Vacay

Checklist: Get Ready for Your Summer Getaway

June 2, 2022
by Team SESLOC

Excited for your upcoming summer vacation? Whether your plans include a road trip, a weekend in the woods, or an adventure abroad, we’ve got some tips to help you prepare for an unforgettable getaway.

Follow our handy checklist before you go:

Check the weather at your destination. Need to pick up some shorts, an umbrella, or other wardrobe staples? Redeem your SESLOC Rewards points for gift cards at retailers like Target, Kohl’s, REI and more to outfit yourself for your adventure and save money.

Download the SESLOC Mobile App. Need to make a check deposit or monitor your transaction history on the go? We got you covered.

Have a loan payment due while you’re gone? Try EasyPay. EasyPay is one of our free loan payment options, and as you probably guessed by the name, it’s super easy — you don’t even need to log into Online Banking. Simply head to the EasyPay portal and schedule your payment. Or, set up recurring payments so you can rest assured your payment is made on time every time.

☐ Find a fee-free ATM at your destination. SESLOC is part of the CO-OP network, giving you fee-free access to over 30,000 ATMs nationwide. Check out the ATM Finder to locate the nearest CO-OP ATM in case you need cash.

Submit a Travel Notice. This helps us more accurately identify your transactions versus fraudulent activity, and can easily be completed through Online Banking.

☐ Search for travel advisories so you can prepare accordinglyMake sure you’re aware of any issues that might impact your travel — such as COVID testing requirements to enter a country abroad or extensive road construction along your route that will cause major delays.

☐ Enroll in Pay With Points.¹ Have you tried Pay With Points yet? Enroll at to redeem your rewards points for a statement credit after you make a qualifying purchase — super handy for covering that souvenir that you can’t live without!

Set up contactless payments. Your SESLOC debit and credit cards are compatible with Apple, Google, and Samsung Pay, allowing you to make secure, contactless payments wherever they are accepted.

☐ Make a packing list. Write a list so you don’t forget to pack the essentials. If you forget something, it might be a hassle to track down a replacement at the stores around your destination. Plus, little unexpected purchases like a pack of socks or a phone charger can chip away at your vacation budget.

☐ Set a budget. Speaking of a budget, don’t forget to set one. Besides lodging and transportation, account for meals/snacks, coffee breaks, entertainment/attractions, gift/souvenirs, and pet or house sitting if applicable. Don’t forget to budget a little extra to cover any surprises or emergencies.

Hold your mail. If you don’t have someone watching your house while you’re away, contact the post office to hold your mail so you can pick it up when you get back. Your mail may contain sensitive information, so securing it can help you avoid mail-theft related fraud.

☐ Check out your SESLOC Visa Signature credit card travel benefits. Have our Visa Signature Rewards card? Take a look at the handy travel benefits² it comes with, like emergency roadside assistance or emergency travel assistance.

Empty your fridge and trash. Trust us on this one.

Be aware of your remote options for contacting SESLOC Support. We have several options to get the support you need without a trip to the branch — like real-time Live Chat.


1 Participation in the Pay With Points program is subject to terms and conditions, available at Qualifying purchases are Visa Signature transactions between $25.00 and $250.00 at participating merchants who accept Visa. PIN transactions do not qualify and some merchants who accept Visa are excluded. Statement credit may take up to ten (10) days to be applied. You must have enough points earned to be redeemed for the purchase amount in order to receive the notifications.
2 Certain terms, conditions and exclusions apply. See a summary of Visa Signature® card benefits and view the complete benefits guide.

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