SESLOC President & CEO Announces Retirement

From Your CEO — Spring 2024

April 1, 2024
by Geri LaChance, Former President & CEO (Retired June 2024)

This past January, we officially announced my retirement from SESLOC which will occur at the end of June. This transition has been in the planning stages for over 18 months; SESLOC maintains a succession plan that is dynamically updated and reviewed annually by both the Board of Directors and regulators, to ensure smooth continuity of operations through any leadership change. Mike Quamma, who has been on the senior team with SESLOC since February of 2022 as EVP/Chief Financial Officer, will assume the role of CEO in July. He will continue to lead with the same credit union values set and focus of creating economic value for members here in the central part of California.

It has been an incredible honor to be the CEO of SESLOC for nearly 13 years, the most wonderful part of a very fulfilling 37-year career in the credit union industry. At SESLOC, I have been blessed with truly one of the best credit union boards—all volunteers—serving from five up to 35 years and who show up monthly invested in improving our members’ financial lives with full engagement as if it was their first meeting. With the example they’ve set, it has been easy for me to move forward fostering a tone of kindness and care in our employee work environment.

I am most proud of the positive culture we have created for our employee team, one which embraces our value of respect for each other, encourages compassion, and requires ownership and integrity in our workplace interactions. We receive member letters and comments daily on how we have helped you through tough times or celebrated with you through milestone moments. Working to help you, helps our employees feel fulfilled. In our last employee opinion survey in 2023, 100% of the team answered positively to the question, “I enjoy the work that I do.” My joy has been working with this team, and seeing how they take care of the membership. This has hands down, by far, been the best credit union and best years of my career.

On a personal note, while I transplanted here in 2011, I have grown to love this community and will retire here—as a happy SESLOC member, I hope to see you in the branches!

Geri LaChance retired as President & CEO on June 18, 2024.


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